In 2021, Google was asked, ‘what is retrograde?’, more times than any previous year!

Are people waking-up to the influence of celestial forces which impact how they feel and their choices? Seems like it!

With so much happening in the world, you would be forgiven for feeling like life is in a tumble dryer and stability and harmony rarely get a foot hold. What follows is an opportunity to gain new awareness and understanding which will help you navigate the fluctuating energy around and within you.  

One of the most spoken of is, ‘Mercury in retrograde’. This phrase is typified by things going wrong, struggling more than seems necessary to get things done and generally, mild chaos ruling the days! Sound familiar?

What is Retrograde?

This is a period of time when a planet seems to be travelling backwards over the night sky. In reality, this is an optical illusion based on the speed of the earth’s rotation. No! Planets cannot orbit backwards. However, the appearance of retrograde direction is caused by our view from earth. Every planet can go into retrograde. The exceptions are our ‘luminaries’, the sun and moon and of course, earth.

Over thousands of years of astrological study, repeated patterns of behaviour and events on earth have shown a retrograde phase amplifies the influence of the zodiac sign in which it occurs.

What are the retrograde times in 2022?

Throughout 2022, Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn from 4 January – 4 February (10 May – 2 June in Gemini and Taurus, 10 September – 1 October in Libra and Virgo).   


What is the impact of Mercury in Retrograde?

During these times, you might find yourself questioning the foundations and structures you have created for yourself.

In 2022, this could mean exploring the sense of purpose you derive from your employment, what sense of worth you gain from your activities or employment, and what brings you joy.

You would be amongst many who have made significant, previously unconsidered changes after re-evaluating their career path, wanting a less stressful lifestyle or direction as a result of the pandemic.

Mercury in retrograde is always a time for contemplation rather than action. Avoid rushing into permanent choices or decisions based on this temporary energy phase. However, when you take the time to reflect, you might find some answers to deeply held questions. Take time to think things through and then act. Consider the retrograde phase a time of cocooning in preparation for emerging when the time is right.

planet Mercury

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

What really makes your heart-sing?

What areas of your life could be enhanced to bring more upliftment?

What has brought you joy in the past?

Consider how to experience more freedom, happiness, harmony and joy?

What are you creating in your life?

What are you ‘birthing’?

Are the results of your efforts lighting you up inside?

Where do I feel most comfortable, and grounded? Then find ways to experience that rooted feeling.

When you have done some reflection, consider how you are able to move forward and blossom.


Moving on from a retrograde

Any amount of time you spend during a retrograde considering and reflecting will serve you well as the energies begin to change and the end of the retrograde arrives.

How will you know when the retrograde is ending? You will feel things get clearer, lighter and easier.

Based on your reflections, this is the time to put into action what is most meaningful. Make subtle changes, create new mindsets or make a fresh start. Whatever feels most powerful and authentic is the direction to follow. Never burn your bridges for they are part of the journey, however, honour all your learning experiences and harvest the values, beliefs and insight which give you strength, courage and clarity.

Venus Retrograde

We start 2022 with Venus in retrograde in Capricorn from December 19, 2021 to January 28. As Venus is the ruling sign for love and self-love, you might feel more introverted than usual, or you might be questioning your close relationship dynamics. You might also be re-evaluating what is meaningful to you, your sense of self-worth and how you cherish yourself.

All of this may not be fully in your consciousness until after the 28th as the introspection initiated by Venus in retrograde goes deep and only reveals its influence over time.


Mars in Retrograde

From October 30 – January 12, 2023, expect to feel the need for more energy to engage with the world. Any reflection and introspection during this phase will be more powerful than usual and you may find yourself digging deeply to explore all you believe or think you know.

And finally….

My top tip is to note the retrograde dates on your calendar. Anticipate your year will be full of opportunities, connections and experiences which will nurture your awakening. However, when things seem to be sluggish, challenging or a bit crazy, check whether a retrograde is in play.

Go easy on yourself. Reflect. Reassess. Focus on what makes your heart-sing. Then when the phase is ending, you will have more positive energy to help you move forward.

Keep a journal. Get out in nature. Surround yourself with people who reflect your values and beliefs. Look for the positive and remember you are a radiant being.

Universe infinity

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