Do you know the signs of being chronically de-hydrated?

Long before the signs appear, the opportunity exists to help galvanise your wellbeing.

We all know we should drink more water, we hear it all the time.

However, without the true understanding WHY this is important, and the benefits you can experience, it is so easy to disregard the reminders.

Drinking more water becomes a ‘should do!’

Throughout my 33 year career as a Complementary Medicine specialist, teacher and author I have focused on preventative wellbeing care.

Proper hydration supports therapeutic approaches so my clients enjoy  robust imminuty, greater vitality joint mobility plus mental clarity and inner radiance.

I am excited to share my experience and knowledge with you so you too can know what it means to be Water Whys!


The Wisdom of Water Book will make you ‘Water Whys’

The Whys and How to’s:

  • Why each main organ needs and uses the water you consume
  • How to know which organs are crying out to be hydrated
  • Why water is vital for all bodily functions
  • How to know when you are drinking ‘enough’
  • Why rapid hydration is pointless!
  • How to increase your water intake with out inconveniencing yourself
  • Why you are influenced by the Moon
  • How to make the most of your connection with Nature
  • Why water holds memories
  • How to amplify the energy of the water you consume

PLUS – Special section for Therapists and their clients

And a 28 day Hydration Activation Plan