Vision Board

and Manifesting Meditation Workshop 


Saturday, December 5, 2020

10 – 2 p.m.

By popular demand, this workshop is now happening ONLINE


Harness the power of positivity in 2021


I bet you are really ready for 2020 to be DONE! You would not be alone!

The 2020 Vision Board workshop was created in the energy of ‘The Year of Activated Awakening’.

And WOW!

Who could have known this year would bring so many new realities into being……now…..as we approach 2021…..is the time to ….rekindle your hope, galvanise your ambitions and set a clear vision for the coming year.


Take control!

Although so much is changing everyday, you can reclaim your focus for how you can make this coming year one that replenishes your mind, hear t and soul. Let me guide you toward that feeling.

Vision Board Magic!

The purpose of a vision board is to focus your intentions in one visual space.

Rebounding from all this years restrictions could make 2021 a year filled with many heart-warming meetings, rekindled ambitions and a life resembling the kinds of events and opportunities you no doubt appreciate more as a result of all that has happened.

This online workshop will give you the opportunity to set a clear vision for the coming months.

How it take part

We will meet on Zoom and share the space together. You just need to bring some magazines, scissors, glue stick, something to act as a backboard (poster card, canvas frame or similar) and any sparkles, feathers or embelishments you wish! Suggestions will be sent once you have registered.

The same but different!

As you create your vision board, you will have my guidance and support and the company of a great group of like-minded folks who share the same desire to find balance and harmony.

While I appreciate an online workshop is different to being together in the same space, experience has shown me the opportunity can be as nourishing and rewarding. Nothing is lost by being in the comfort of your own home!



  • A deep understanding about the significance of the energy 2021 and how you can harness its potential
  • New perspectives for 2021
  • Realistic goals to help you stay focused
  • Affirmations designed just for you which will act as an effective way to empower your vision into reality
  • Clarity and Direction
  • Tools and techniques for making your 2021 intentions a reality
  • Guidance and personal attention from an experienced workshop leader and inspirational mentor



Vision Board Activation 

Once your vision board is complete, we will activate its potential through channeled Guided Meditation.

This powerful element of the workshop is believed to be the secret behind the manifestations others have reported in the months following their attendance.

Join me!

Workshop time: 10 – 2 p.m. with a break for lunch


Payment required on booking to secure your place.

Already got something planned that day? No worries!

Just register and a recording will be sent to you so you can get the benefit when it is convenient! 

Any questions or to book directly please contact me on 07974 021095