Unstoppable Confident ME!

90-Day Online Programme

The Unstoppable Confident ME! Programme has one clear achievable aim –

to enable women to step-up, show-up and SHINE!

Wherever you are on your path, no matter how long it has been since you dared to acknowledge your dreams or ambitions, or whether you are ready to make some big changes, however lack the self-belief and confidence to stand in your power, this programme meets you where are in this present moment.

It honours where you have come from, aims to make sense of the past, squeezes every ounce of negativity from your mindset, replaces your shadow with reasons to shine and gives you a safety net for those days when a single step feels like a leap into the unknown. Join a small group of like-minded women and receive clear and progressive weekly sessions, guided meditations channeled to meet the specific needs of the individual members, personal mentoring, guidance and support throughout.

The Unstoppable Confident ME! programme infuses you with insight and awakens your inner weaver of wisdom (WOW).

This programme is for you if you are ready to:

  • Know yourself on a deep heart and soul level
  • Neutralise the long shadow of the past
  • Gain clarity about your life experiences from a soul perspective
  • Release yourself from feelings of guilt, despair, frustration and hopelessness
  • Replace self-limiting feelings with inspired action
  • Turn challenges into opportunities for growth, creativity and expressions of your gifts and talents
  • Rewire your mindset about who you are
  • Reconnect with your authentic (true) self
  • Reclaim your passion for life
  • Reframe situations into ‘bigger picture perspectives’
  • Create new an empowering and inspiring mindset that will sustain you always.
  • Become the master of your mindset and truly know your worth on every level.
  • Wake every day with a stronger feeling of self-worth, confidence and creativity than the day before
  • Empower yourself to take a considered leap of faith when all others would shy away!
  • Activate your passion, purpose and calling.

The Unstoppable Confident ME! Programme will be delivered online with the following features:

  • 12 weeks of inspiring and empowering content presented in weekly 60-minute live webinars featuring guided meditations, insights, affirmation creation, suggested exercises, plus time to have your questions answered (replay available)
  • Two additional ‘catch-up/consolidation weeks’ to help you keep on top of your progress
  • An online ‘Show Up and Shine’ finishers party to celebrate your journey and plan the next steps
  • 3 Personal mentoring calls with Anna-Louise Haigh
  • Private Facebook Unstoppable Confident ME! Community for ongoing support, guidance and connection
  • Downloadable notes which will ultimately create your own Confidence Catalyst Toolkit and Manual
  • Guided Meditation CD’s to keep and support your evolution
  • Daily practices to help you gain and sustain greater self-belief and confidence


Become The Unstoppable Confident ME! 

At the end of this programme you will have:

  • Clarity about the source of your self-belief
  • Released the underpinning feelings that sabotage your self-belief and confidence
  • A deep understanding of the psychology that governs how you feel about yourself
  • Clarity about who you really are at a soul level
  • A deep lasting connection with your authentic self
  • The ability to co-create your future through the guidance of your inner wisdom
  • A deep personal understanding of inner gifts, talents and creativity
  • Strength to confidently accept life’s opportunities and be enriched every day
  • An invaluable toolbox filled with personalised tools and techniques to future-proof your rock-solid self-belief
  • The ability to stand in your power, with compassion, grace and kindness


The Unstoppable Confident Me! 90-day online programme

is offered in groups of 4 participants only, on demand throughout the year.