The Way of Your Soul 9-month Online Programme

Programme outline and delivery

Programme Title:

The Way of Your Soul Authentic Awakening 9-month Emergence Journey

Duration: 9 months, equalling 40 weeks.

Programme structure: 8 Modules each comprising 4 lessons and 1 non-lesson week referred to as a Zen Week. The Zen Week is intended to help evenly pace the Programme, allowing time for reflection or catch-up as necessary.

Lesson Content: Each lesson comprises a video tutorial and a transcript. Some lessons also include a Guided Meditation, or exercises which are to be completed. Many lessons also include reflective questions which are to be privately submitted. These create an opportunity to monitoring progress and areas to be discussed or developed for the participant.

Delivery Schedule: From the commencement date, a new lesson will be released each Saturday.

Notification of new lesson: Each Saturday, before 9:00 a.m. participants will receive an email and Facebook notification announcing the new lesson is available.

Access to Programme materials: Participants have unlimited access to the programme materials (see below for clarification about ‘lifetime access’) and are responsible for printing the transcripts to aid their participation.

Group Calls: Participants are required to attend all group calls, if possible, which take place during the Zen Week. Participants who are unable to attend a group call are invited to submit any questions they would like to have answered prior to the group call. All calls are recorded. Recordings will be added to the relevant section of the module content on the Programme platform.

Masterclasses: The Programme includes a number of Masterclasses scheduled throughout the duration of the Programme. Each is designed to explore relevant topics at a deeper level. Each Masterclass will be recorded and hosted on the learning platform.

One-to-One mentoring calls: Each participant is entitled to 4 hours of personal mentoring throughout the Programme. These calls can be used to discuss any aspect of the Programme or explore the application of the content. The calls are arranged by appointment and may be taken as 8 x 30 minute or 4 x 60-minute sessions. All calls are recorded, and the recording will be sent by secure email thereafter. All calls and their recordings are strictly private and confidential. Any one-to-one calls which are not taken throughout the duration of the Programme are forfeit when the Programme ends. If the amount of mentoring time is exhausted and the participant feels it is necessary, additional mentoring sessions may be arranged at a cost of £100 per hour.

Terms and Conditions

Please read thoroughly

To ensure your greatest benefit and fullest enjoyment, participant numbers are always limited.

All bookings are taken in good faith, on a first come basis. It is understood that all participants engage with the event willingly as self-responsible adults.

 Contract of Engagement

Engagement and accountability – By registering and making payment for The Way of Your Soul Programme (hereafter referred to as the Programme) you are agreeing to engage and participate appropriately for the stated duration of the Programme and understand the following:

  1. This Programme is for personal awareness and authenticity/spiritual development.
  2. Participation is voluntary.
  3. You are responsible for any outcomes derived from your participation.
  4. You will be guided to gain the best benefit from your involvement although you are responsible for how you apply that guidance.
  5. This Programme not designed to provide a therapeutic approach nor be a substitute for any form of therapy.
  6. If necessary, you should have access to a suitable, qualified, professional to support your needs. It would be helpful for you to make your Tutor aware of any ongoing professional support you are receiving.

 Your Self-Care 

  • It is important to note that whilst aspects of the Programme have the potential to offer transformation through the content and methods of delivery, its main purpose is educational.
  • It is not intended as a replacement or provider of personal therapy of any kind.
  • As the experiential parts of the Programme may delve quite deeply into your inner mindsets, before booking and paying for your place please be sure you can take responsibility for your own wellbeing and can tolerate a level of emotional intensity (if it arises).
  • It is important you have sufficient sleep, do not over work, overcommit yourself by embarking on other in-depth or time-consuming courses or projects, eat well, drink plenty of water and take time to connect with nature in the few days prior to engaging in the work, throughout the duration of the Programme and afterwards. 

The Tutor (Anna-Louise Haigh) reserves the right to:

  1. Satisfy themselves, without expectation or obligation from the applicant, that an applicant is a good match for the Programme (and visa-versa).
  2. The Tutor reserves the right to decline a place for a participant if it seems appropriate, without explanation.
  3. Discontinue a participants’ involvement, without expectation of a refund, if it becomes apparent that the Programme is not suitable for a participants’ ongoing level of wellbeing. A transfer of any unused portion of previous payment may be considered.
  4. Moderate and remove any comments within any dedicated Social Media (Facebook) group specifically associated with the Programme, that are deemed unsuitable or inappropriate for the intended benefit of the other participants or the purpose or progress of the Programme. External links to other sources will be removed and moderation of future contributions will be increased.
  5. Discontinue a participants’ involvement, without refund, if their presence, comments, questions or contribution is either disruptive, aggressive, undermining, racist, rude or detrimental to others’ benefit, the aim of the Programme, or the group progress.

‘Lifetime’ Access and Programme Provision – Definition and terms

  1. The term ‘lifetime’ access, regarding this Programme, no matter its actual duration, refers to the feasible and reasonable duration of existence of the Programme.
  2. During the lifetime of the Programme, participants will have unlimited access.
  3. It is the responsibility of the participant to download any notes, transcripts or videos permissible should they wish during the lifetime of the Programme. Downloads will not be available after the lifetime of the Programme ends.
  4. The creator of the Programme, Anna-Louise Haigh, reserves the right to update or withdraw any product at any time, with reasonable notice and refund if necessary.
  5. After a participant’s completion of the programme no refunds or reimbursement is to be expected if the Programme is withdrawn.
  6. Anna-Louise Haigh cannot be held responsible for the operation of any third-party hosting platforms.
  7. Anna-Louise Haigh undertakes to ensure all necessary payments to third-party hosting platforms are made to enable the published products to remain available.
  8. In the unlikely event that the hosting platform of this Programme becomes untenable/ceases to operate/fails to offer a suitable standard of service, every effort will be made to provide the same or similar product on another platform, within a reasonable timescale, without any additional cost to the current participants.

For clarity and peace of mind

Registration – If you choose to may in instalments, a non-refundable deposit is required on booking to secure your place. Otherwise, the full Programme fee is due, as agreed.

Engagement and accountability – When registering for this Programme, you are agreeing to engage and participate appropriately for the duration of the work.

Cooling off period – After registering, you have a period of 14 days during which you can cancel your place and receive a full refund including your deposit.

Ensuring suitability – Once the Programme has begun, you have a period of 30 days (up to Week 5) to experience the programme. If you feel it is not suitable for your needs, you must communicate this in writing to Anna-Louise Haigh before the delivery of Week 6. In this event, you are entitled to keep all the course material received to that date and receive a refund of any fee over £95 which has already been paid.

Your continued commitment – By continuing to receive the programme material and notifications, it is presumed you will participate as required. If you choose not to continue after the initial 5-week period, if the full balance has been paid, no refunds will be available. If you are paying by instalments, all fees are due as agreed on enrolment.

Non-attendance – If you fail to attend, engage as required, or keep pace with the Programme delivery, you will forfeit your fees. In the case of sudden illness, if a medical certificate is provided, your fees may be transferred to a future event, such as a similar online course if available, however this is not guaranteed. Refunds are at our discretion and are not to be automatically expected.

Taking a break – In circumstances where your participation or payment is not possible for a reasonable period, you can take a study break. This is to be agreed with Anna-Louise Haigh and is not presumed to be automatically granted, however a solution which is mutually agreeable will be sought whenever possible.

Programme Postponement – If the Programme is postponed due to circumstances beyond the control of the Tutor, you will have the option to have your fees transferred to another opportunity, held in credit or refunded in full, including the deposit.

Throughout the duration of the Programme delivery, if the Programme is cancelled by the Tutor, you will receive a full refund, including the deposit/registration fee.

Concerns or complaints – If you have a complaint or are concerned about your involvement in the Programme, your Tutor is to be made aware immediately and every effort will be made to satisfy your concern. Involving a third party prior to discussing your concern with the Tutor reduces the chances of a satisfactory resolution being reached.

Unforeseen circumstances – In the instance of unforeseen, unpredictable, or uncontrollable circumstances beyond the control of the Tutor, every effort will be made to deliver the Programme as intended. If this is not possible, fair and reasonable alternatives will be offered.

Course fee payment – Participants have the option to pay the full Programme fee on registration or Payment options include paying the full balance before the programme commences or paying in instalments. When paying by instalments, a small administration fee will be added in return for the convenience of spreading the payments. Payment options will be discussed prior to registration.

Required technology ability

You need a basic level of computer skills to follow the instructions to register/access the course material through the teaching platform and respond to emails, join group calls using an online platform called Zoom, participate in a private Facebook group and connect through shared message using Facebook Messenger.

Therefore, you are responsible to ensure you are comfortable with using these devices/platforms to enable you to gain access with the potential to receive the fullest benefit from your participation. Please ask for guidance if required.

 By registering for the Programme, it is assumed you have:

  1. A suitable device such as a desktop computer, laptop or like access the Programme content which will include videos and course material.
  2. A printer to print-off the Programme lessons/transcripts.
  3. A basic level of technological/internet skill and confidence to enable your participation. Please ask for guidance if required.

Payment options

 Plan A – Pay the full fee on registration. Pay only the advertised price.

  • This option includes a non-refundable portion of £95 as a registration fee.

Plan B – Pay in three equal monthly instalments

  • This option includes a non-refundable portion of £95 as a registration fee which is included in the three equal payments.
  • This option includes a nominal additional charge.
  • The fee is to be paid in three equal payments. The first on registration, the second and third on monthly intervals accordingly.
  • Failure to complete all payments forfeits your place on the Programme. No refunds will be made, unless in certain circumstances.

Plan C – Monthly instalments – by agreement (only in certain circumstances)

  • This option includes a nominal additional charge.
  • This option requires a non-refundable deposit of £95 which is included in the first payments. A larger deposit can be paid to reduce the monthly instalments (optional).
  • The balance of fees is to be paid in 6 equal payments within the first 6 months of the Programme by standing order.
  • Failure to do so forfeits your place on the Programme. No refunds will be made, unless in certain circumstances.

If you have questions about any of the above, please ask for clarification.

Please sign below to acknowledge you have read and agree to the above. Return the signed copy by email or post prior to the commencement of the Programme. Please keep a copy in the unlikely event you need to refer to it.

Signature:                                                                                                       Please print your name:

Phone Number:                                                                                            Date:

Return to: 
Anna-Louise Haigh – Awaken Your WOW Academy
10 Haywra Street,
HG1 5BJ                                     07974 021095

All details correct as at March 2021