How to Live a Light-filled Life through Authentic Awakening


Take a journey of emergence,

 which will help you find your life purpose,

make sense of your past,

 so you deeply know and understand who you are,

and you to create a future

authentically aligned

with who you were born to be.

The Way of Your Soul

Authentic Awakening Journey

Awaken – Align – Arise


To awaken and activate your authenticity, you will gain the skills of Soul Whispering.

This will enable you to clearly connect and communicate with your Soul.

This is the foundation of gaining the freedom to make better choices in every area of your life.

As a natural inclusion to your studies,

you will learn how your Soul speaks through your health and

what you can do to return to better wellness.


If there was one thing you were questing for,

what would it be?  

For many, the desire for a career promotion, a new or better relationship,

more money, a new car,

bigger house, or even more holidays might all initially flash to the forefront of the mind.

However, experience has shown me that when we sit back and realise our basic needs are (pretty much) already met,

having more or bigger or better of ‘whatever’ does not bring greater happiness.

Ultimately, most are trying to find their life purpose.

So, what are you seeking?

I mean, really seeking, not just hoping for or would ‘like’ to have?

You may now start becoming aware of how you wish to FEEL. You might already have had some idea of this or perhaps already experienced it only to have it drift away like a fading fragrance of a beautiful flower.

Many people, just like you, have a worthy focus such as seeking inner peace, balance, revitalisation, making a difference, happiness and/or contentment. You may have your own desires to add to this list.

Each of these desires is an outcome of one fundamental essential quality that underpins all growth and fulfilment.

One true desire…                                                             …Freedom.




With freedom, anything is possible. However, genuine, lasting freedom can only happen when there is a clear connection and communication with the Soul. Every choice becomes an opportunity to strengthen your connection with your Soul. Establishing this companionship requires knowledge, understanding, trust and practice.

The experience of knowing your Soul brings the gifts of self-awareness, self-belief, and self-acceptance before ultimately resulting in self-honouring.

These and other elements of the Awakened Self are the keys that will unlock your life and give you Freedom.



Not everyone is serious about taking the necessary action to be enriched and empowered by the innate wisdom they possess.

Are you?

Have you reached a point where you know there is ‘more’ you are here to do or offer or become?

Are you ready to release yourself from the shadow of fake beliefs and learn how to shine?


The Way of Your Soul

A 9-month Emergence Experience
for spiritually-minded women seeking
to know and grow themselves authentically


There is a lot of information out there and it is all too easy to become confused,

overwhelmed or simply off track. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Equally, with so much opportunity to gain insight from books, attend workshops,

courses or retreats arriving at a clear and helpful roadmap for your

personal and spiritual growth may leave your inner compass in a dizzy spin.

How is your awakening journey going?

Started? Stalled? Swamped?


Who should take The Way of Your Soul journey?

This online learning experience is primarily designed for women who are ready and committed

to explore or continue their journey into their authentic wholeness by using the wisdom gained through

self-discovery to define and direct their life on every level.

Wellbeing Professionals will also gain huge benefit, as the abundance of essential wisdom, knowledge and tips

will enhance their ‘toolbox’ and help others know and understand themselves from a

Soul perspective. Although it should be noted this is not a counselling, mentoring, teaching qualification course.

The learning and growth available through this journey

is specifically designed and delivered for personal benefit, life direction and fulfilment.


The Way of Your Soul

is a journey from Awakening to Alignment,

then Transcendence to Ascension

enabling you to

emerge in your radiance and SHINE!

Registration open now

Contact Anna-Louise before enrolling 

Who is The Way of Your Soul not for?

                                                      People already enrolled on other intensive programmes or courses.                                                                                     

When you have completed those, if it feels right, please consider joining us.

Wellbeing professionals seeking to gain a recognised qualification.

Anyone who is seeking a platform for personal therapy to resolve life issues.



“Learning about the Soul has been a life-altering experience.
Nothing seems like a challenge these days!”

I’ve known Anna-Louise for at least 10 of those years and instantly knew she was someone I could trust to guide me further along my journey.

In the early stages of the course, I experienced a big shift, which has taken place slowly and in a very manageable way.

The deeper, purer connection with myself is growing too, like a wonderful blossoming new friendship. In fact 2 friends have recently asked me what has changed as I look different!

If you are asking yourself, ‘Who am I really and what am I here to do?’ Look no further. Talk to Anna-Louise you’ll be so pleased you did, I am.

Adrienne Green

I had come to a stage in my life where I wanted to know more about the potential of my Soul.

I joined the Way of Your Soul as it was perfect timing as I knew Anna-Louise’s work and felt comfortable and confident that she was the best person to guide me.

Even in the first few weeks, the journey was amazing. I am learning about my soul and it’s Journey.

Anna-Louise’s knowledge is fantastic, not sure where she stores it all!

I look forward to every week so I can learn more and more.

Thank you xx

Lynn Holt

I have been fortunate to have trained in a number of courses with Anna-Louise over the last two decades. To this day, I still admire her passion, knowledge and enthusiasm for everything that she does.

Her inspirational way of teaching and genuine passion had me hooked on starting The Way of Your Soul programme before I even new the full details!

My own knowledge is expanding more than I thought possible thanks to Anna-Louise’s wisdom, experience and insights of the soul.

I couldn’t ask for a better guide and teacher.

Amy Vere



What will The Way of Your Soul include?


This learning journey will cover a vast and progressive range of related topics which will untangle your past, nourish your present life and illuminate your future.

The content starts with a solid foundation about perspectives about the origins Soul.

These are just some of the elements we will explore:

  • Soul and Spiritual Psychology
  • Your Soul’s purpose
  • Language and gifts
  • Learning and wisdom gained through past lifetimes
  • How to access all this insight in ways that can be used to enrich your daily life
  • Care of your Soul to ensure ongoing growth and luminescence
By completing The Way of Your Soul, you will be able to:

  • Recognise, trust and act upon the nudges from your Soul
  • Confidently make better choices about every aspect in your life
  • Live as your Authentically Awakened Self through knowing your Soul
  • Connect and align with your Higher Self (the best version of  YOU)
  • Create or nurture your relationships with greater compassion and unconditional love
  • Approach life from the perspective of self-honouring without neglecting anyone or anything or feeling guilty
  • Interpret your health as an aspect of your Soul’s voice and know what to do next!


As a result of the emergence experience offered by The Way of Your Soul, you will have:

  • A clear and easy connection with the voice of your Soul
  • New awareness to free yourself from fake beliefs about your life
  • A unique and undeniable depth of self-awareness and self-knowing
  • Stronger and more nurturing relationships (especially with yourself!)
  • Unshakable confidence and trust in yourself and every decision or choice you make
  • Clarity regarding your direction as expressed through your Soul’s gifts
  • Knowledge and skills to use all your newly awakened wisdom authentically
  • Tips, tools and techniques to help you overcome challenges, remain true to yourself, and contine your journey for the rest of your life


How is ‘The Way of Your Soul’ delivered?

Your emergence experience will be presented in a variety of ways to suit your personal learning style:

  • Videos for each lesson
  • Downloadable transcripts of each lesson
  • Guided Meditations to clarify and activate various elements of the journey
  • Regular LIVE group calls
  • Masterclasses to enhance and advance your knowledge

Lessons will be posted weekly in themed modules which the exception of during Zen Weeks which provide a natural time to catch-up, take a break or reflect more dedeply.



Who am I?

Like you, I am a seeker. From early childhood, I knew I had a great deal of work to do in this lifetime! I have always felt deeply connected to ‘something bigger’ and have strengthened this union throughout my life.

Early life challenges provided the determination to understand individual behaviour, psychology and meaning. Learning to trust my intuition, follow my Soul’s guidance even when it sometimes seemed counter-intuitive lead to becoming a healer, lecturer, teacher and author.

I am passionate about helping you awaken and align with your Soul.

What I have gained through navigating my own journey has been woven into this offering and made it possible to remove most of the heavy lifting for you.

This means you will enjoy successfully progressing through your own growth experiences by:

  • Avoiding time-wasting side-tracks or rabbit holes
  • Struggle through scarcity of effective resources,
  • Unreliable information
  • Lack of support and guidance


The Way of Your Soul is designed with you in mind

1:1 Mentoring

Throughout the journey, you have the benefit of three private calls to ensure you are on track and getting the most from your experience.

Zen Weeks

These allow you to take a break, explore a topic more deeply, catch-up on previous content or simply keep an even pace as your journey continues.

Guidance and Support

One-to-one guidance and support begins when you enroll.  Regular Zoom meetups ensure your questions and curiosities are asnwered.

You are in control

Depending on the topic or the time you have available, you can choose to either ‘toe-dip’ or ‘deep dive’ as your journey requires. You have unlimited access.

Ongoing Access

To further support your growth, you will have unlimited access for a minimum of one year after completing the programme.



My beliefs about my role

Throughout my whole career I believe in the following, and delivered my teaching accordingly:

  • Learning must be fun, clear, engaging, meaningful, intriguing and illuminating.
  • Learners all bring their own beliefs and filters which must be acknowledged, appreciated and valued.
  • The content must be accurate, insightful, evenly paced and offered through audio, visual and written material.
  • The content and concepts must be delivered in a logical progression with a balance between consciousness expansion and practical experience.



 What is going on around you?

Take a look… you see colleagues, family and friends battling with dead-end careers, caught in drama loops, unfulfilling relationships, depression and anxiety, regret and loss, hopelessness, niggling health issues that never seem to resolve?

These, and many others, are signs and symptoms of disconnection from the Soul.

Do you see yourself in this way?


Your Soul Knows the Way,

let’s journey together!

Are you ready?

Enrollment options:

Begin anytime


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