So you can engage with confidence here are our 

Terms and Conditions for Membership

Please read thoroughly


Membership Elements

The aim of membership is to provide ongoing input to support and guide your personal and spiritual growth.

To achieve this, a variety of elements are used to deliver the offerings (content).

These are:

  • Email
  • Private Facebook group
  • Live Zoom calls
  • Online platform called Membervault where content can be accessed

Technological Ability

When registering to become a member, it is assumed you have a basic level of technological/internet skill and the confidence to use this to enable your participation.

Email: Make sure you have a preferred email address which you can easily and regularly access

Facebook Group: This is a place to connect with other group members, and where regular posts and information is posted. It is an integral element to help you get the most from your membership. If you are not familiar or comfortable with Facebook, please contact Anna-Louise Haigh.

Zoom Calls: All live calls and workshops are delivered through Zoom. If you are unfamiliar or not registered with Zoom, please make sure you do what is necessary. To register with Zoom – go to   

If you prefer not to be seen on camera, you may either, turn off the video aspect of the Zoom settings or choose to watch the replay.

Membervault: You need a basic level of computer skills to follow the instructions to register/access the replay through our teaching platform. Guidance is freely available to get you started.

Your Self-Care 

It is important to note that whilst aspects of membership have the potential to offer transformation through the content and methods of delivery, its main purpose is educational.

Any offering delivered by Anna-Louise Haigh is not designed to provide a therapeutic approach nor be a substitute for any form of therapy.

If necessary, you should have access to a suitable, qualified, professional to support your needs. It would be helpful for you to make Anna-Louise Haigh aware of any ongoing professional support you are receiving.

It is not intended as a replacement for personal therapy of any kind. As the experiential parts of the work may delve quite deeply into your inner world, therefore before booking your place please be sure you can take responsibility for your own wellbeing and can tolerate a level of emotional intensity (if it arises).

Contract of Engagement

By registering to become a member, you are acknowledging you understand and agree abide by these terms:

  1. Your monthly membership fees are due as arranged on booking.
  2. In the event of insufficient funds or failure to pay, all access will be suspended after 7 days if the subscription fee has not been played.
  3. For the duration of your membership, you will receive all the benefits as outlined and have unlimited access* to the Facebook Group and Membervault.
  4. Membership must be active at the time of participating in any event for which discount has been given.
  5. You can cancel your membership at any at any time.
  6. Upon cancellation, access will be removed to all elements of the membership.

*Unlimited Access – Definition and terms

  1. All relevant recordings and other items will be available in
  2. Anna-Louise Haigh undertakes to ensure all necessary payments to third-party hosting platforms are made to enable the published products to remain available.
  3. Anna-Louise Haigh cannot be held responsible for the operation of any third-party hosting platforms.
  4. In the unlikely event that a hosting platform of a product becomes untenable/ceases to operate/fails to offer a suitable standard of service, every effort will be made to provide the same or similar product on another platform, within a reasonable timescale.
  5. Unlimited access is related to a minimum of 3 years from January 1, 2022. This date may be reviewed nearer the time.

Anna-Louise Haigh reserves the right to:

  1. Moderate and remove any comments within any dedicated social media (Facebook) group specifically associated with the workshop that are deemed unsuitable or inappropriate for the intended benefit of the other participants or the purpose or progress of the event.
  2. Discontinue a participants’ involvement, without refund, if their presence, comments, questions or contribution is either disruptive, aggressive, undermining, racist, rude or detrimental to others’ benefit, the aim of the course, or the group progress.

Please keep this safe in the unlikely event you need to refer to it.

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