Become a Guided Meditation Leader

Fully accredited ONLINE course to enable you to lead powerfully transformative Guided Meditations for individuals or groups

Guided Meditation, professionally delivered,

can positively change a life within minutes.


What the heart can feel the mind can heal

Through its own natural expression, the power of ones’ imagination,

skillfully directed during a guided meditation,

can bring about deep relaxation and re-balancing of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual equilibrium.

What is Guided Meditation?

Guided Meditation is the skillful delivery of a verbal visual journey which ignites the recipients imagination to enable an insight, answers or outcomes to be explored.

Often referred to as visualisations, imagery or journeywork, Guided Meditation has a time-honoured history and is invaluable in todays digital, fast paces age. Guided Meditations, as you will be taught to deliver on this course, are a hugely versatile and powerful skill which can be used to enhance well-being of the mind, heart, body and soul.

Your clients are busy and often feel stressed, overwhelmed and seek time and space to reclaim their equilibrium, focus and direction – You can be the the difference that makes their world make sense

Guided Meditation is one of the most powerful and beautiful ways of:

  • Relaxing, rebalancing, reconnecting and renewing oneself
  • Focusing your intentions
  • Receiving inspired guidance
  • Creating inner calm and mindfulness
  • Dissolving stress and increasing coping ability
  • Improving relationships
  • Gaining clarity
  • Finding answers
  • Mentally rehearsing a situation or solution to a challenge
  • Clearing the past
  • Starting the manifestation wheel turning positively
  • Increasing wellbeing
  • Managing pain
  • Coping with or recovering from illness
  • Strengthening emotions

An effective and successful Guided Meditation Leader is a mentor and teacher who helps those who are ready to gently progress in life. If you wish to grow your business through helping others find greater self-knowing, clarity and direction, you are in the right place.

This course is designed for:

  • Complementary Therapists who wish to help your clients gain deeper wellbeing
  • Personal and Spiritual Mentors
  • Reiki practitioners
  • Coaches
  • Light-workers
  • Counsellors who seek a clear way to understand their clients needs and blockages prior to talking therapy
  • Yoga or Pilates Teachers – to end your sessions with a greater sense of calm and wellbeing
  • or anyone in the wellbeing professions who wants to make a greater difference.
  • Well-being Managers in industry, commerce or HR
  • Providers of palliative care or are a carer


Registration is now open for the next course starting 24 March 2020

8 places only

Course duration 8 – 10 weeks

‘Anna-Louise gives abundant support, guidance and encouragement throughout the course which makes it fun and educational at the same time’ 

Louise, 2018 Guided Meditation Leader Graduate

Full course feel £397

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The main qualities of a someone who is perfectly suited to lead powerfully transformative
Guided Meditations include:
  • Groundedness yet a trust in their intuition and the courage to follow it
  • Clarity of thinking
  • Focus without rigidity
  • Logical and sequential thinking without overthinking
  • Ability to use imagination
  • Good listener
  • Mental agility to spontaneously ‘go with the flow’
  • Calmness and confidence in a professional setting
  • Previous experience of Guided Meditation (or similar) which was positive and potentially transformative
  • Kindness and compassion
  • ….and ideally, a soothing voice!

Does this sound like you? If so, then you would be able to benefit others by making a significant difference when you become a Guided Meditation Leader!

This course will support you on your own journey as you help others continue theirs

Are you ready to connect with the vast super highway of wisdom which will enable you to structure amazing Guided Meditations?

During this highly empowering course you will learn to:

  • Create a space of ideal energy for guided meditation
  • Centre yourself to host the delivery of your unique visualisations
  • Attract participants who are ready to grow and be guided by their teacher
  • Align with the energy of your recipient or group
  • Use proven themed visual journeys for specific needs.
  • Create guided ‘stream-of-consciousness’ meditations which means you can always create the most effective session when needed
  • Learn the secrets of how to use affirmations to co-create a better future
  • Create affirmations that can bring about positive change easily
  • Teach others how to use affirmations with ease and great potential
  • Discover the power of Journaling
  • Support the benefit of Guided Meditation with Mindful Living tips and tasks

This is a very special ONLINE course that will give you a lifelong skill enabling you to enrich the lives of many as well as yourself!

Ready to take your next step with confidence?

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