Presented as a powerful synergy of storytelling and guidance for personal awakening, 

The Soul Whisperer

reveals the secret messages from your Soul

My copy never reaches the bookshelf! Michelle F.

What’s inside!

The Soul Whisperer is really three books in one!

Book One – To Inform

Provides the foundations of insight and information to introduce you to the some of the lesser acknowledges influences of the Soul on your health, happiness and inner harmony.

Book Two – To Guide and Heal

You will meet Sara and discover her story, and Joseph who was her greatest teacher.

Learn how to ease the inner pains which lead to lasting peace.

Book Three – To Inspire

Turn your newly gained wisdom and insight into actionable steps toward deeply connecting with and trusting your Soul to enrich your life from the inside out.


Offers a heart-centered conclusion which delivers ripples of happiness

Here’s how it helps

Discover the  power when your Soul calls your name and how to respond for your highest good.

Explore what it means to awaken your heart centres.

Meet Sara and witness how she finds answers to her biggest question, ‘Why?’

Learn how your health is directly influenced by your Soul

Gain ways to help you regain your wellbeing.

Navigate the path to genuine, lasting inner contentment and fulfillment.

Gain new perspectives on loss, love and relationships.

Strengthen the connection with the wisdom of your Soul.

Learn how to hear the voice of your Soul.

Learn what it takes to trust your inner wisdom.

Gain insights to live life as your Soul intended.

With the benefit of ‘pop-out’ soul whispering wisdoms, key messages are highlighted so you get the greates impact.

Coming soon in paperback.

 The Soul Whisperer continues its legacy to reach further into

the hearts, minds and Souls of an awakening world