A Soul Whisperer’s New Moon Workshop

Spiritual Self-care 

Are you experiencing spiritual exhaustion?

How would you know? What are the signs? 

Learn how can you restore and preserve your radiant energy

 £37 or just £25 for members


Together we will:

  • Define exactly what REAL spiritual self-care involves
  • Look at the reasons why spiritually-minded people get ill
  • Discover to spot the early signs of spiritual exhaustion and ‘soul struggle’
  • Learn ways to replenish and safeguard your soulful vitality
  • Use the power of Guided Meditation to give you a deep conneciton to your ‘power’
  • Create powerful affirmations to help you align with your chosen shifts in consciousness and self-care mindset 
Spiritual Self-care

Learn how to deal with energy vampires, shadow-energy moths and so much more


£37 or Just £25 for members with coupon code