Not every journey goes in a straight line

When life reaches a time when you have more questions than answers, you feel stuck, confused, directionless and even hopeless, you know something needs to change, so where do you start?

Imagine having your own cocoon for transformation, a trusted easy-access space which surrounds you with feelings of calm reassurance and provides guidance and a proven path to find answers, clarity and direction

Soultopia - Believe, Become, Belong
lotus flower and seed pod

Soultopia is an online monthly membership which exists to serve and celebrate women on their journey of self-discovery, personal growth and spiritual awakening.

Part of that journey may focus on the times of transition when relationships redefine, children leave home and your roles change, leaving you wondering who you are and what your next step could be.

Or perhaps you have reached a point when you need to understand why you are so sensitive to crowded places, need time alone and wonder if you are an Empath.

And often, for so many seeking to silence their inner critic, free themselves from never feeling good enough, gain confidence, learn to trust their voice of intuition, and stop feeling alone and misunderstood, finding the best way forward can be confusing and overwhelming.

Relax! You have found Soultopia, or has it found YOU?

Hi, I’m Anna-Louise

A proud Yorkshire lass, British born, Canadian raised, living in beautiful North Yorkshire since 1983.

Turning my life-long interest in psychology, ancient healing practices and the inner world of ‘knowingness’ has underpinned over 3 decades in service to personal growth, wellbeing, authentic transformation and spiritual awakening.

Known for being grounded, approachable and yet ‘cosmically connected’, my passion and purpose is to share practical wisdom to nourish and honour a powerful synergy between soul and self.

The outcome is a journey toward authentic self-mastery.


Original Soultopia image

I didn’t create Soultopia. I simply trusted a single moment of inspiration received back in 2018 when this image was created. Not the most elegant meme, yet the message remains as powerful.

The potential of Soultopia has patiently waiting, gathered energy and substance to be for the right time to share its potential with the women who are at a pivitol point in their lives.

The Soultopia Journey has created itself into a thriving membership ready to nurture and support women, like yourself, who are ready to banish their shadows and journey into radiant luminescence.

Becoming a valued member of Soultopia will illuminate and guide your path of self-discovery, personal growth and spiritual awakening toward self-mastery.



Joining Soultopia, with the support of Anna-Louise, will be transformational.

With nudges and light bulb moments along the way you can expect to gain insight into your ‘path’ and the guidance to follow it in a light-filled soulistic way.

Louise Richardson

Long standing founding member

What’s possible within the Soultopia Membership?

Soultopia is not just a place to connect with yourself and others, although some would say that is all they need.

Wisdom School

Soultopia is a wisdom school, where members embark on a holistic/soulistic journey which nourishes the mind, body, heart, soul and spirit.

By unlocking your true essence empowered by rock-solid self-belief, and building trust in your choices, every decision is made with greater confidence and ease.

Your relationships benefit as do all areas of your life.

The Journey

Based on the philosophy and journey of Soultopia, you will create your authentic  soul-self synergy.

Progressing at your own pace, with unlimited access to the progressive weekly content, you will learn, explore and grow along your transformative path for self-mastery.

By harnessing the power of your inner wisdom and intuition you will navigate life’s challenges with calm in your heart.


The very nature of being a valued Soultopia member means you always have a connection with a reliable place to immerse yourself, where you can simply Be.

Belonging to a thriving community of amazing like-minded fellow ‘Soultopians’, who speak your language and have travelled life’s winding path, means you never feel alone, apologise for who you are or like a ‘misfit’ again.


The Soultopia Journey is not linear. It is an upward and inward spiral, constantly evolving, changing  limitation for liberation and freedom to unapologetically enjoy your authenticity.

To ensure you gain the full experience, as your guide, my role is to enable you to connect to the gifts and potential within you.

You’ll meet amazing women, eager to cheer you on every step of the way.

What would change if you were a valued member of a like-minded online community that ‘gets you’ and offers a sanctuary where self-discovery, personal growth and spiritual awakening for soul-self synergy leads to authentic self-mastery? 

I feel I have come a long way over the past 10 years and am ready to go further into my soul connection and turning up the volume of my intuition and guidance from the spiritual realm.

Looking forward to continuing the journey with you and my fellow soul sisters. Woo hoo!!

Jill Baker

Long standing founding member since 2021


Each week you will receive a new topic and growth opportunity.

Some topics will have a ‘toe dipper’ and ‘deep dive’ level.

This means you can choose what level is right for you at that time and return to it later to go deeper if you wish.

As you progress, Soultopia always grows with you.


A variety of specifically created resources support and enrich your journey.

These may include meditations, actionable tasks, journaling prompts, affirmations, and some fun ways to celebrate your quest for soul-self synergy.

As a member, you have unlimited access.


The 8 Milestones include smaller stepping stones which create the transformations you are seeking.

Our monthly ‘Round the Campfire’ calls provide a confidential space to show-up, share, discuss, learn and assimilate your progress.

Accountability helps ensure you enjoy the progress you are seeking.


Being able to rely on a trusted guide who believes in you, offers wisdom and insight when needed is an invaluable element to Soultopia.

My role is to ensure you have peace of mind, feel heard and have practical and positive ways to explore your stepping stones, and feel supported. 


Soultopia is a thriving community of like-minded women who come together to share, support and celebrate who they are becoming.

We will connect through our Zoom calls, a private Facebook Group plus future live events.

Soultopia offers  friendship and a sense of family.

Because your journey toward self-discovery, personal growth and spiritual awakening is unique to you, the learning within each milestone is created through smaller stepping stones.

Through the supportive community, inspired and actionable content and carefully curated resources, your self-paced progress will feel personally created to meet you at your stage of transformation.

The Soultopia 8 Milestone Mandala Map Guides Your Journey

radiant butterfly woman

I’ve come so far already with your amazing guidance Anna-Louise.

But I feel I’m on the edge of a new level ….exciting and a tad scary at the same time.

Isn’t moving out of our comfort zone always a tad scary for the first few seconds?

Adrienne Green, Author and Founding member

Everything you have explored so far in your quest to know and grow yourself has relevance.

The books, webinars, podcasts, workshops and even retreats all have their place, and have lead you here.

I know your time is precious.

Life is busy and perhaps you simply haven’t got time to really explore all the areas of personal and spiritual development that are beckoning.

So, let me do the heavy lifting for you!

On a practical level, joining Soultopia offers you time-saving unlimited access to a growing library of psycho-spiritual topics specifically curated to provide understanding, fresh perspectives, practical guidance and resources.

And I haven’t even mentioned the plans for our Masterclasses and future live gatherings yet!

With so much changing inner world around us, becoming a member of Soultopia provides a trusted place to know and grow yourself.

The Soultopia Membership is currently closed for new members, sorry!

Soultopia will grow with and for you.

New content will be added each week with insight from our members to ensure we meet their needs in the best way possible.

By joining now you will help shape the scope of the Milestones, meaning the depth and value of membership will naturally increase organically.

Let’s not forget about the 20% discount on our online Masterclasses and online/live events which means you save more as you invest in your journey!

However, if it is not a good fit for you, simply get in touch and for a full refund within 14 days.


I hope to welcome you to Soultopia and journeying with you