The time has come to go to the next level,

your Soul knows the way!

My Mission….


I am on a mission to positively illuminate 1 million hearts, minds and Souls. 

By drawing on my personal and professional experience I will guide and support

spiritually-minded women to become authentically awakened and aligned with their life path and Soul purpose.

By connecting and leading with heart and Soul-centered vision, 

together we will create a ripple-effect which is inspirational and transformative.


What has brought me to this point?



You are in the right place if you…..

have often felt like a misfit, alone or misunderstood,

 easily take on others’ feelings and emotions,

are curious about or wish to continue your awakening journey,

have become confused, overwhelmed or even disillusioned about your life purpose,

know you have something to give, yet can’t quite connect with it or express it,

enjoy hanging-out with like-minded women, yet sometimes just like to observe rather than engage

and just need the guidance and support of an experienced leader, who walks their talk, to help you move forward.

Are we on the same page?

Created to honour and unite our community the

The Soul Whisperer’s Sisterhood Manifesto

features the values, intentions and affirmations which unite our connection, focus and direction

This inspirational full colour poster is yours to print!

It’s FREE!

Together we thrive!