Secrets of Simplistic Living

for Health, Happiness and Harmony

A Soul Whisperer’s New Moon Workshop

Discover the power of simplification and the freedom it gives

(This is not just about de-cluttering!)

You pay just £25 (Save £12)

Here is what we will cover:

  • A clear understanding of the benefits of a simpler life
  • Learn how your health may be impacted when harmony is missing
  • Why you find it difficult to make changes
  • How to create a positive Zen mindset
  • Discover where to start and how to avoid overwhelm
  • Practical, doable powerful ways to simplify your life
  • Plus gain new perspectives, and insights to enrich your journey



Secrets of Simplistic Living

Join this workshop and gain the feelings of:

  • Calmness
  • Clarity
  • Creativity
  • Greater joy
  • Inspiration
  • Greater productivity
  • Control vs overwhelm
  • Life flowing at its natural pace


Let go of feeling:

  • Frustrated by little things
  • Overwhelmed by constant demands on your time and energy
  • Pulled in all directions
  • Every day is a challenge
  • Tired due to poor sleep caused by worry
  • Writing endless lists and achieving nothing
  • Losing things regularly!
  • Missing appointments or deadlines

Simplicity is the esssence of happiness

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