Resources to Awaken Your WOW

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Here you will find a growing collection of my works. Each is created with the conscious aim to help you know and grow yourself so you become more connected with the wisdom your soul wants to share with you. Every item has been channelled from a source of great love and luminescence, and anchored through my naturally grounded approach to everything I offer.

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This little book packs a powerful message that will empower and illuminate your life. Since its publication it has proven itself to be a treasury of tips and thought-provoking ways to bring timeless wisdom and inspiring insight into your life.

Each chapter contains nuggets of transformative opportunity to nourish your mind, heart and soul. Readers have commented that within the pages they like the down-to-earth style of delivering insight and information that can be used to begin, and enhance their journey. This is not a book that sits on the bookshelf… is a handy treasury that grows with you as you read and return to its chapters.

My aim for you is that it will ignite within you the potential to connect with your inner guide, your soul, so that you can grow and shine. The chapter titled, Awaken Your W.O.W has become the foundation of all my offerings and I am sure you will find your own favourite too!

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Focusing on soothing your heart and bringing more connection and alignment into your life, these 4 powerful channelled guided meditations are delivered in a natural sequence that will help you awaken and reclaim your sense of wholeness.

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Journey towards your own emergence supported by 5 channelled power Guided Meditations. Includes tracks for releasing the past, cleansing your energy, awakening your soul and aligning your inner wisdom and becoming instantly radiant.

The perfect companion to my little book of wisdom, Light-filled, Loving and Wise. (See below for a bundle offer)

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CD Duo – get the benefit of both CD’s and give yourself the tools you need to really experience the power of these unique Guided Meditations channeled by Anna-Louise Haigh.

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CD and Book Bundle – The perfect companions! Shortly after my little treasury of timeless wisdom, Light-filled, Loving and Wise, was published I channeled the 5 tracks that appear on the Emergence CD. Naturally, the aim of this CD is to help you release the shadows from the past and step into your natural radiance.

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A real gift to yourself! This bundle will give you heart-centred guidance and support as you begin or continue your awakening journey. Your signed copy of Light-filled, Loving and Wise will help you by offering new insights, timeless wisdom and affirmations.

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