When you need clarity, direction and … even hope, answers await

Oracle Card

Soul Whispering Sessions

with Anna-Louise Haigh



Anna-Louise Haigh
Sacred Destiny Oracle cards

When you are curious about how best to enrich your life, make good choices or take your next step with confidence and clarity, the answers you seek can be voiced through Oracle Cards.

Oracle cards have been consulted and trusted for centuries.

Different to tarot cards, Oracle cards have a time-honoured reputation of providing insights rather than predictions.  

By combining the messages from the imagery of chosen cards with the practical wisdom only experience can provide, a powerful synergy is created.

An Oracle Card Soul Whispering session helps you discover soul-led guidance in response to your most important current questions.

An Oracle Card Soul Whispering session can help you if you are seeking:

  • Reassurance or realignment
  • Understanding about how to move forward with certainty
  • New beginnings
  • Insights regarding a decision
  • Clarity, direction and guidance
  • To understand which influences are surrounding you at present

….the answers you seek are waiting to be known.

Oracle cards
Oracle cards

Sessions can focus on specific situations or questions in your life or can be used to understand the energies and influences which are guiding you at present.

Session types:

  • Healing what holds you back
  • Messages from your Guides and Ancestors
  • Your Lotus Journey – reveals influences from your past, what you need to work on at present and the energy guiding future potentials
  • Your Sacred Year – provides a framework for personal growth spiritual awakening

I fell in love with oracle cards in the late 1990’s when life was challenging and I needed reassurance and guidance.

Since then, I have called upon their messages simply for daily insights and at pivotal times of challenge or change.

They always give a new perspective which fosters trust to act for the best outcome for the highest good.

As part of my journey, I became a certified Soul Coach trained by Denise Linn.

After over 2 decades of personal and professional use, I combine the messages from the oracle cards with what I call, Soul Whispering, (interpreting insights into soul-aligned guidance) to create something powerfully transformative.  

Each session is focused on providing understanding (not predictions) along with practical guidance which may include affirmations, tips and tools to help you anchor and activate the wisdom presented.

Ultimately, whether you are seeking clarity, confirmation or direction, the powerful combination offered by the oracle cards and soulful wisdom means you are equipped and empowered to make good choices with confidence.

Each session is 50 – 60 minutes in duration.

Cost: £55

Conducted over Zoom, you will receive a replay along with a full colour poster of your chosen cards afterwards by email.

While changes can be made to your booking up to 48 hours prior, failing to attend or late cancellation may result in forfeiting your fee.

Please use the calendar to book your session.