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For women who are questioning their purpose and life direction, taking the first step to find some sensible yet meaningful answers can feel very daunting. 

The Soul Whisperer’s Sisterhood is the heart of the Living in Your WOW Community on Facebook.

Whether you are curious and just starting your awakening journey or have been travelling it for a while, within our thriving sisterhood you will be warmly welcomed by like-minded wisdom seekers, just like you! 

Introduction to Soul Whispering Quest

When life gives you challenges and you try your best to navigate your way through them, the answers and solutions you seek are more easily found when the voice of the Soul is heard.

Soul Whispering is the skill which underpins the awakening journey. It offers an invaluable way of gaining insight, answers and understanding.

The Quest is a great way to toe-dip into the wonderful world of wisdom waiting within  your Souls’ lifetimes of imprints and gifts.

An Authentic Awakening Journey

There comes a time in life when it is natural to want answers to the BIG questions. This requires a trusted and experienced guide.

The essence of true wellbeing is found in self-knowing, knowing you are making a difference and following one’s purpose.

To move beyond the shadows that keep you separate from feeling genuinely confident, empowered and engaged in life is the journey of awakening. If the time is right, it will feel right to embark on a transformative experience like no other.

Get started with meditation

Meditation, no matter what form, has never been more important than in today’s world.

Over 80 minutes of ‘how to’ videos guide you through the essential elements to help you establish and enjoy a regular meditation practice.

Whether sitting in silence, listening to a guided journey or out in Nature, Meditation Magic Essentials – 5 video series  plus downloadable Checklist will to help you receive all the benefits known to benefit your wellbeing.

Take control of how you think

Everything begins with a thought! Draw on the powerful combination of wisdom activated through Guided Meditation to help bring clarity, positivity and confidence.

This collection of 19 Guided Meditations has been specifically created to easily make positive shifts in your self-belief, confidence and outlook.

Harness the power of Guided Meditation and start to enjoy what is waiting to enrich every decision you make. Includes Affirmations to help you gain more benefit. 

Your body speaks your mind

Staying healthy and enjoying life requires more than just a proper diet and exercise. There are powerful yet subtle element so that are the foundation of true wellbeing. 

Body Wisdom shows you how to tap into these essential aspects and why they are so important.

Add to that the power of positive affirmations and activation guided meditations….and your body will thank you in many ways. Start today to enjoy more radiant health!

Recapture your Joy, hear your heart sing!

Time is a healer, yet often it needs a nudge!

Recapture your joy with effective ways to heal the wounds and dissolve the scars in your heart so you can hear your heart sing again!

This collection of 12 timeless wisdom insights each activated by their accompanying Guided Meditations will help ease and heal the shadows which dim your hearts’-light. 

Includes Affirmations to support you. 

You are a Soul, you have a body!

When the time is right to look inwards, there can be so many questions.

This collection of 18 insights and their accompanying Guided Meditations will enable you to tap into the wisdom waiting within the voice of your Soul.

When you have made the connection with your Soul, you will find the answers to many questions.

With unlimited access, you can take your time to enjoy and embrace the wisdom.

Your personal library of wisdom

If feel the time is right to fully dive into the wisdom waiting to guide and support you, this is the easiest way to do it!

This complete collection includes 60 Wisdom and insight videos PLUS 60 Guided Meditations with Affirmations to increase the benefit you receive.

This is your personal library of powerful, positive and purposeful potential.

As you explore each topic, you will discover ways to activate your growth further.