Are you still trying to get started with meditation?

Don’t let it drive you nuts!

Meditation is the gateway to true wellbeing and awakening,

when you are ready to access the wisdom within,

you need to be able to shut out the world….effectively!
(You are not alone if you want an end to ‘monkey mind’ and squirrel-like distractions )


 What we know so far….

In a world that is increasingly busy and stressful, meditation is hugely beneficial for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing

Time is precious and therefore, it is really important to give yourself the best chance of finding the stillness and silence you seek

Meditation can take many forms, such as sitting mindfully in silence, listening to a guided journey, or walking in Nature

Regularly connecting with your inner voice of wisdom can be achieved with the right foundations

Trusting and honouring your inner wisdom brings deeper self-awareness

When the mind, heart and body are still, the Soul is illuminated

What the heart can feel, the mind can heal

True inner peace brings lasting joy


Let me tell you why I wish someone

had given me a checklist!

Oh ……. the frustration it could have saved!




There are no secrets to effective meditation, 

however there are definitely some essentials

Stillness Awaits!

Based on how I overcame my own challenges which turned frustration into enriching experience


Meditation Magic Essentials Checklist

is here to help you do the same

Give yourself the best chance to turn every meditation into a soulfully nourishing opportunity

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