Mindful Living Challenge

Become the Master of your Moments

FREE 7-Day Challenge starts Tuesday June 5 

Are your days, weeks and months flying by in a blink with little to show for it?

Get ready for 7 days of transformative insights and opportunities to bring the benefits of Mindful Living into your life.

The Mindful Living Challenge will give you

  • Insightful topics to give you a deeper understanding about how to enhance your life
  • Gentle, yet powerful tasks to help diffuse old habits that have kept you on your personal hamster wheel for far too long
  • Guidance and support to encourage you to get the best from the challenge 
  • A great community where you can share your thoughts, discoveries and successes
  • ….. and tons more ‘windfall’ benefits that are unpredictable and personal to your own growth, happiness and inner calm

Here’s what past participants have to say:

‘I am loving turning my daily routines into mindfulness.’

‘This is amazing. Just those moments of still and processing everyday thoughts and actions.’

‘I am really loving these mornings with you to learn new tips and validate some of the things I have been doing.’

This powerful Challenge is absolutely FREE and will take place in our dedicated Facebook group.

Mindful Living 7-day Challenge

Begins Tuesday June 5 – find yourself there!