There comes at time when there are more questions than answers….

  • Has life taken a turn you weren’t expecting and you find yourself questioning ‘Why?’
  • Are you seeking to be truly ‘heard’ and understood for the person you know is waiting to emerge from within?
  • You know your life would be so different if you had greater self-belief and confidence, but how do you get there?
  • Have you known for a long time that your inner voice has been trying to guide you, and now, you cannot ignore it any longer? Yet need to tools, techniques and a trusted voice of experience to help you get clear about your next step and the transformations waiting for you.
  • Are you feeling stuck and unfulfilled in your present career and want to discover your calling and life purpose but are unsure how to begin?
  • How do you find the balance between being a heart-centered wellbeing professional and building a successful business while still being true to your values?
  • Have you found yourself somewhere on your Awakening Journey, yet have become confused, overwhelmed, stuck or disheartened?

All of these questions, and others are the type that have motivated previous clients to seek Soulistic Mentoring or Soul Whispering with me.

What is on offer? Different from coaching, mentoring is focused on gaining a clear understanding of your inner being and beliefs so you can be empowered to make the transitions you seek. I offer online mentoring within a safe, even sacred space so you can be properly ‘heard’.

What happens in a session?  During your mentoring session, your limiting beliefs and disempowering habits can be transformed through the wisdom of subtle, yet powerful shifts in consciousness. In other words, I will listen ‘between-your-words’ to discover your souls’ wisdom that is trying to help you move forward.

This is not a psychic or mediumistic approach, rather it is what I call Soul Whispering. This is the opportunity for me to draw on a vast breadth of experience and insight to skillfully help you discover your best way forward with greater understanding, wisdom and inspiration.

What your session will include – You can expect to receive guidance and empowering ways to begin to make changes. We may use Guide Meditations to help remove old blockages or discover new directions. Ultimately, although you will receive a road map/action plan to guide you, it is up to you to engage with the opportunity for transformation you seek.

Is this right for you? It can be a daunting yet exciting prospect to be on the brink of making significant discoveries or changes in your life. I have been there, more than once, and know what it feels like. The most important first step is that you like and trust the person who would be your guide. For this reason, I invite you to book a Clarity Call, without obligation, so we can determine whether we are a good ‘fit’. To book yours, please schedule a call using the button below.

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Ready to get started? By choosing whichever button below applies, you will be taken to my Appointment Scheduler where you can book an online 90 minute session with 7 days email support. If your situation or intentions require further sessions, a personalised bespoke programme can be created for you.

If you have any questions relating to this, please book a Clarity Call (by clicking the SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT BUTTON above), prior to committing to an initial session.

I look forward to working with you and helping you grow on confidence, clarity and direction.