Every pebble creates a ripple!

Whether you are seeking happiness,

personal awakening and transformation or are

in-service to the well-being of others,

you were born to make a difference!

Launching on the Spring Equinox

Tuesday, March 20, 2018!

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Whether you are just starting out on your awakening journey,

have been travelling it for a while and want to go further or

you are a Wellbeing Professional who wants to be of greater service to others while continuing your own growth……

An abundance of wisdom, guidance,

insight and ‘how to’ resources, and so much more

is waiting for you.

From Baby Steps to Blossoming and Beyond

Helping others along their path is what I am all about as you have probably already gathered! Although you may have discovered a variety of offerings on my website so far, I have created a wealth of mini-courses, wisdom access opportunities, ‘How to’s…’, tips, tools and techniques gathered from the richness of my career and personal discoveries, that will not feature anywhere else but within the Members area.

I am presently creating this wisdom-packed transformational membership site called Awaken Your WOW Membership Community. Here you will find the perfect access level to support your personal growth and spiritual awakening journey. You will have the benefit of worksheets, tips sheets, video lessons, mini-workshops, courses and challenges, and a host of timeless wisdom presented so that you can benefit immediately. The Wisdom Seekers Community and the Wellbeing Wisdom Professionals will each have their own members only private Facebook group where connection, guidance and support will be ongoing amongst our wonderful WOW members.

Wisdom Seekers Community

Silver Membership – the perfect place to find answers which will act as a starting point or foundation to your quest for greater understanding. Topics are delivered in a way that informs, inspires and supports your awakening and growth

Gold Membership – the natural place for you when you are ready to take a deeper dive into your world of self-discovery, and start to make transitions towards authentic self-knowing, have support to overcome life’s dramas and grow into the person you were born to be. Membership at this level will include all the information offered at the Silver level.

Wellbeing Wisdom Professionals Community 

Platinum Membership – Whether you are a hands-on therapist, mentor, coach, counsellor, yoga/pilates teacher or medical professional, if you are involved in a field where you have answered your calling to be in service to the benefit of others, this is the membership for you. You might be in training so you can change career or add a new string to your bow, or you might be an established practitioner wanting to develop both your self and your career by following your heart, whichever applies, you will find your time and energy is well invested in this community.

Naturally, all the elements you engage with come from a place of experience, so you can rely on what you are learning so you can share with others. In addition, you will be able to claim Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points simply by working with the offerings in the members area. Along with automatic inclusion in the Wisdom Seekers Gold Membership, you will have access to business building strategies, workshop topics, professional advancement guidance and VIP invitations and discounts, plus loads more, still in development!


This exciting new offering is currently a work in progress. However if you would like to be the first to receive an invitation to become a member, please simply register your interest (without obligation) using the button below.