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The Awaken Your WOW Membership Community offers three distinct levels of access and specialises in informing, guiding, supporting and inspiring you if you are:

  • Just starting on your journey of self-discovery and awakening, and need an experienced trusted and knowledgable professional to guide and inform and inspire you so you can grow confidently while avoiding confusion and overwhelm
  • Already journeying towards living as your authentic wise-self and are ready to go deeper and further
  • A Wellbeing Professional who wishes to continue their own growth as you add new ways to serve your clients and attract new ones who are on their own personal growth and spiritual awakening.

Each of these levels of membership designed to meet you at your present awareness. There are lots of resources, which are added to each month to help you know and grow yourself, while answering some of the ‘Big Questions’ in life. Included are:

  • Downloadable notes
  • Videos
  • Guided meditations,
  • ‘How to’s’
  • Webinars

….and so much more

There is an abundance of insight, guidance and support added each month that gives you inspiring and positive ways to enrich your relationships, wellbeing, home, career, happiness and fulfilment.

If you are interested in joining, you can find our more on our Members overview page.