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The Meditation Imaginarium

exists to help you connect, awaken, and evolve at our own pace

Guided Meditation is a gift to yourself, your potential and your legacy.

Anna-Louise Haigh

Chief Imagineer at, The Meditation Imaginarium

The Meditation Imaginarium will work for you if you are:

– new to Guided Meditation and want to learn how to use its benefits calm your mind 

– needing to reclaim your inner serenity and recalibrate your life-balance

– seeking wisdom, insight and trusted guidance to support your awakening and growth

– ready to deepen your existing meditation practice

– aware there is a great deal more within you waiting to be honoured

  We believe, what the heart can feel, the mind can heal

We know, from personal and professional experience, Guided Meditation can transform lives from the inside out. We take a grounded approach which comfortably enhances your connection with the origin of insight and inspiration you feel most aligned with. You might call this your intuition, Soul, Universal guidance, Source, your guided or higher consciousness.

Whether you are a meditation ‘newbie’ or curious to see how far your existing practice can take you, there is personal guidance and support all along the way. The benefits you experience are always received at the right time in the right way to support your personal growth and spiritual awakening.

This means that whether you are seeking practical guidance and meditation to help you de-stress and recalibrate or gain a deeper connection with who you are at a soul level, our Soulistic approach nurtures the synergy of your Mind, Body, Heart and Soul.

Here's what others say

“Working with Anna-Louise gave me enough understanding so I could start to deal with what was going on around me, and the confidence to follow my heart.” Jenny, London

“I really love the way that you present spiritual topics in such an inspirational yet grounded way.” Sarah, Edinburgh

“Thank you for showing me how to tame my monkey mind! My daily meditation continues to give me lots of clarity as well as keeping me calm, thank you!” Louise, Leeds

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When you join The Meditation Imaginarium, you are gaining a connection with like-minded people, just like you, who are seeking answers, understanding, wisdom and freedom to live authentically.

Once you have read the benefits of joining, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me

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