Not many people know this……Although I was born in March, May 24 is what I call my spiritual birthday, or perhaps it should be ‘Soul Stayday’!

Why?…. Shortly after I was born, I became very ill with a condition called Pyloric Stenosis. This is when the exit sphincter from the stomach closes and does not let any (or very little) food progress into the small intestines. This means there is no opportunity for nutrition to be absorbed.

Being first born, my parents had no idea how seriously ill I was. So, for weeks, I continued with projectile vomiting and showed little growth. Inside I was slowly dying. Instead of thriving I was losing weight consistently. The doctors did not immediately diagnose my condition, because back in the early 1960’s, only 1 in 10,000 girls suffer with this condition.

Eventually, thankfully, they figured it out!

Emergency surgery on May 8th (two months after I was born), followed by a carefully monitored feeding regime, my recovery began, but it was slow….very slow.

Some years ago I came across the little book my mother had used to keep a record of how much food I took and my general condition in the weeks following the surgery. Handwritten notes revealed she was concerned.

Despite the surgery being successful and me being more nourished, the records indicated I was not showing signs of improvement as expected.

And then something happened.

There was a sudden change in my ‘liveliness’.

I imagine my parents heaved a huge sigh of relief. From May 24 onwards the entries showed that my weight started to increase, and my general condition was improving. I was starting to live.

When I saw the date that things started to change, I realised I needed the answer to a question I had been asking myself for years. ‘Why do I always feel so excited on May 24?’

When I realised this, I immediately questioned, why? What had changed?

I had been aware that often I had made decisions around this time that were very significant, even life altering.

While growing up in Canada, I had questioned whether my enthusiasm related to the weekend around this date because it is a Bank Holiday and the unofficial start of summer. The weather is usually good, we would get out water-skiing, have a bbq and bonfire, lots of friends around and generally a great fun time….but that wasn’t it.

I turned to the practice where I receive much of my insight and guidance – meditation. Here I knew I could ask my questions and rely on the answers.

The reply was loud and clear…..May 24, 1961, two and a half months after being born, my Soul decided to commit to this lifetime with me as its host.

The illness has been its exit opportunity. However, its mission was strong, its purpose clear and there was a lot to do! So it stayed.

Through life’s meandering journey, I have learned to listen and act upon its guidance. I have experienced what happens when the voice of the Soul is ignored in favour of external circumstances and opportunities.

Life has awakened the voice of Soul wisdom that guides everything for me. This is what I call Soul Whispering.

It is possible for each of us and this is what I offer through my teaching, writing, courses and retreats.

My purpose is to help you know and grow yourself through self-awareness, appreciation, inspiration and empowerment. We all have seeds of wisdom lying dormant within us. My role is to help you awaken them and blossom into the person you were born to be. This is what I have written about in my two books, ‘The Soul Whisperer’ and ‘Light-filled, Loving and Wise’.

I am currently creating a signature programme which be filled with insight, awakening, and actionable steps to nourish you and your life. It will be released in September and is called ‘What Your Soul Wants You To Know’.

You will learn about the journey of the Soul, its purpose and gifts and in particular, about the Soul you host, its past and future, its influences on your life path, how you can honour its wisdom and find the answers to the BIG questions in life. 

As a result you will have greater understanding, control, ability to create more fulfilment and happiness as you lead the life you were born to enjoy…..and so much more! Ultimately, you will be come your own Soul Whisperer.


Just pop a comment below to let me know that you want to receive the information when it is ready and I will do the rest.

For now, have a sparkling day! Thanks for taking the time to read this post x