This Manifesto helps you bring much needed Light to todays world.

Be the beacon that illuminates and inspires.


Little did I know…

… when I wrote my first book, The Soul Whisperer, it would become a timeless resource. Now more than ever, it continues to provide much needed guidance, wisdom and strength to readers who are just starting or are continuing to explore their awkening journey.

As a result…

… along with further books, teachings and retreats, The Soul Whisperer’s Sisterhood was created on December 21, 2020. The Manifesto was created to offer a template for Light-filled living.

Now you can benefit too!

The Soul Whisperer’s Sisterhood


20 ways to ‘Be The Light’ 

  • Practical spiritually aligned nudges
  • Helps you connect with heat makes your heart-sing
  • Prompts to ensure you stay true to being your best self
  • Reminders of who you were born to be
  • Helps soften daily stresses
  • Insights for meditation to develop greater self-knowing
  • Journal on any of the elements and discover more wisdom waiting for you

I keep my copy on the fridge so every morning I can choose an attribute to increase my awareness throughout the day. I didn’t realise how much impact could come from this beautiful poster.

Adrienne Green

Therapist and Retreat Leader

There is always ONE manifesto affirmation that fits what I need most when my days get stressful. Sometimes I say it out loud, other times I journal my thoughts, but always I feel better afterwards.

Kate Kent

Sleep and Wellbeing Specialist

I am no good with technology, but it was so easy to download that I printed 3 copies and now have them around the house. My family are starting to take notice too which is a bonus.

Stephanie Blood

Soul Whisperer's Sisterhood fan

My Mission….

I am on a mission to positively illuminate 1 million hearts, minds and Souls of those who ready to SHINE!.

By drawing on a lifetime of personal and professional experience I will guide and support

spiritually-minded women to become authentically awakened and aligned with their life path and Soul purpose.

By connecting and leading with heart and Soul-centered vision,

together we will create a ripple-effect which is inspirational and transformative.

We start here.

The Soul Whisperer’s Sisterhood Manifesto is both a reminder and a call to action to show-up in your own unique Light.

It’s time!