Light-up Your Life Beyond Lockdown!

Friday afternoon 

16:00 BST

(Until June 19 at least)

Our Topic for Friday, May 15

This week we are revealing the core of your SHINE-ability!

Find your Inner Rainbow and more reasons to SHINE!

We all know the rainbow has been prominent as a symbol of hope throughout the recent weeks.

NOW, is the time to discover and connect with the gift of your personal Inner Rainbow.

We will cover: 

How to bash away the inner shadows
Insights about your Chakras
Ways to light-up your Chakras
….and whatever else is relevant to help you shine more brightly!

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Light-up Your Life Beyond Lockdown – what to expect

  • Tap into feelings of clarity through actionable wisdom to turn lockdown into a launchpad for your future
  • Receive personal insights to help create your ‘new normal’ as a reflection of the life you were born to live
  • Awaken and align yourself through Nature’s Whispers Oracle Cards to connect with your passion, purpose and path with channeled guidance
  • Gain reasons to feel calm, positive and focused so your confidence and inner radiance naturally blossom


Good stuff to know: 

  • Cost – I am offering this without a set fee, so it is accessible to everyone, however there will be a link for suggested contributions between £5 – 12, so you can Pay What Feels Good, if you wish
  • SOMETHING NEW! – Transcript – everyone who makes a donation will recieve a transcript of our session (allow 3-4 days for delivery)
  • Recording – There will NOW be a recording available for everyone who registerS


  • Duration – about 40 – 60 minutes however longer if we are in the flow and there is more to be revealed
  • Access – We will meet on Zoom and all the joining instructions will be sent by email once you register. If you have previously registered, you will receive an invitation to join us and there is no need to register again.