Deeper connection, guidance and accountability

I am light-filled, loving and wise

Practical wisdom to inspire and illuminate your life

     Our changing times have provided an opportunity to nurture and nourish the awakening of greater wisdom within.

 Light-filled, Loving and Wise Membership offers you guidance and support no matter where you are on your journey.  

     There is so much I am wanting to share with you.

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Here’s what our Foundation Members are saying



This is going to be phenomenal!
Kate Jane

Raising our vibration to help the world traverse the jump from 3D to 5D. By nurturing ourselves we nurture humanity
Christine Collier

We’re in for an amazing journey together.

Anna-Louise is an amazing group leader, and puts so much into everything she does.

Stephanie Blood

I’m so happy to be sharing light, love and wisdom together.
Di Wilson

Lovely to be in this amazing group, to continue our journey of being connected.
Lesley Scott

Getting too excited about joining the group with you all!.

Kate Jane

How it works

Enjoy unlimited access – You will have unlimited, easy access to all the weekly content and any workshops you register for in our Wisdom Treasure Chest which is hosted in Membervault.

You will receive your personal log in details upon registration and will have access for as long as you are a member.

We connect on Facebook for the regular live posts and sharing thoughts, comments and support. However you do not have to be on this platform in order to get all the benefit. The Wisdom Treasure Chest library and the regular emails will ensure you get the full value of your membership.

Membership entitles you to all the benefits detailed above plus occasional special offers and discounts.

You can cancel your membership at anytime.

Usual T&C’s apply. Membership must be active at the time of attending any discounted event.