Soul Whisperer’s Workshop

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It is said that what ‘challenges us makes us stronger’. But what if you have a relationship with someone who is the champion of ‘challenge’? 

How strong do you need to be to recognise and reclaim your identity?

Join me and together we will:

  • Explore …. the key attributes of a ‘Dark Diva’
  • Understand …the Soul choices which created such a challenging relationship
  • Discover … the subtle and not so subtle imprints/behaviours which never let you feel good enough
  • Learn how to … unhook the chains that keep you locked in a cycle of low self-esteem
  • Gain … tips, tools and techniques to build your inner radiance
  • Create …new and positive perspectives to heal and nurture yourself
  • Plus gain insights to enrich your journey.



Narcissists and Empaths

You deserve to be loved for who you are.