This Guided Meditation is intended to help you connect deeply with your inner source of light and wisdom


  • Give yourself time and space without distraction or interruption to gain the fullest benefit – video length is just under 13 minutes
  • Have your journal to had to record any new insights or reflections
  • Spend some time afterwards win Stillness so the new awareness can anchor within you more deeply


Take a few minutes to journal your new awareness after each time you engage with this guided mediation.

You will discover your radiance is unleveling, strengthening and being maintained when you are conscious of your journey.





Remember  – affirmations work best when they are in the forefront of your mind

Repeat your affirmations regularly with added emotion and oomph!

Believe – Act – Receive ….. Be open to the signs the your affirmation is becoming a reality. ACT to make the opportunity manifest. Be an open and gracious receiver.



More opportunities to know and grow yourself are waiting for you