Below is the Soul Whisperer’s Guide to Empowered Living




  • Employ your Soulistic consciousness in every situation
  • Recognise fear as an illusion
  • Let go of expectation, self-sabotage and criticism (of yourself and others)
  • Let others be responsible for themselves, their choices and their experiences
  • Detach from the need to control the outcome of a situation as this may limit the ultimate gifts or benefits that are hidden within it
  • Look, listen and speak in the spare proportion as your eyes, ears and mouth! You have 2 eyes, 2 ears and only ONE mouth!
  • Beliefs are what you choose and must serve our highest good (what keeps you on your Soul’s path) otherwise they are limitations
  • Release all limitation by recognising the lesson
  • Know that your freewill makes all the decisions which is what you experience as your reality – listen to your inner wisdom and follow it!
  • Know that you are enough
  • What you see outside yourself is a reflection os what you hold within you. Make your world beautiful by surrounding yourself with what makes you feel happy, calm and connected to life.
  • Know yourself to be your own Soul Whisperer and use all the attributes gained within the previous chapters to release yourself from fear and illusion.
  • Love yourself because of your differences, rather than in spite fo them
  • Love others for the same reason
  • Remember, you were born, Light-filled, Loving and Wise…..your journey through this lifetime is one of remembering this and enhancing it! 


The Soul Code – the secrets to being your own Soul Whisperer

  • Your soul tangibly communicates through your inner sense of your heart sing feelings (and your gut clench) . Learn to sense these, pay attention, trust and then act.
  • Everything and every thought makes an impact one you/your Soul. Choose your thoughts wisely.
  • Even the small daily interactions that give rise to a feeling within you have an impact. Learn to be mindful and live in the moment – choose calming or creative thoughts.
  • Every time you feel frustration, anger, annoyance, fear or any other low vibration emotion, your heart/Soul shuts down temporarily. Learn to ‘flip’ these emotions into something better.
  • Connecting with your awareness of when your heart-sings allows you to recognise what is in your highest good. When you are Still, this happens naturally.
  • Acting on what makes your heart sing keeps you in close communication with your Soul and helps you follow its guidance. this enables youth follow your life and Soul Purpose.
  • When you follow your Soul Purpose, your live gains clarity, meaning and purpose.
  • Having clarity gives you greater confidence, self-esteem, self-respect, direction, meaning, empowerment and inspiration. How will your life benefit?
  • You will naturally make choices that enrich and enhance your daily life thus making your world a source of continual joy, happiness and abundance. Are you ready to get started?
  • Ultimately, following the Soul code, means you experience greater Love, inner peace, creativity and life satisfaction, free from illusion and fear.

You are no at a point of complete opportunity and new adventure. consider how wonderful, inspired, empowered, enriched and enchanted you r life will be when you unlock your Soul Code and fully live as your own Soul Whisperer. Start today. Start NOW!

It has been an honour to share this part of your journey with you and I hope we continue to explore the adventure together. Namaste.