Remember, self-awareness is the key that unlocks personal growth and awakening your authenticity!


Are you the pebble or the plop?

If you are the pebble, you will:

  • Accept yourself for who you are
  • Know that there is no other person exactly like you
  • Understand that the harmony and perfection of Nature always gets it right
  • Welcome the opportunity to be catapulted into flight so you can soar with your wings fully open
  • Be willing to go head first with everything you have got inside you and follow the feeling so you can grasp every opportunity to create change for yourself
  • Proceed with confidence in any situation trusting there will always be a solid foundation on which to rest
  • Willingly put yourself in the centre of your world
  • Remember not everyone shines like and diamond, and that is just fine.

If you are the plop, you will:

  • Have a brief moment of expression before the cause of your disturbance sinks our of sight
  • Be reactive rather than responsive or proactive in life
  • Wait for someone else to make the first move and then wonder why you never feel in control of your experiences
  • Give your ‘power’ away at the slightest opportunity
  • Find excuses for not taking action