Declare Yourself IN by…..

  • Defining yourself only in positive terms
  • Surrounding yourself with like-minded people
  • Putting all new skills as a Soul Whisperer to their fullest use everyday
  • Viewing your life experiences as an opportunity to gain new wisdom rather than with blame or judgement
  • Honestly and realistically acknowledging what influences have positively and negatively left their imprint
  • Dealing with the less-than-positive experiences with fairness to all concerned, remembering that others are only on their journey, whether they realise it of not. Allow them to travel their own path in their own way unless they seek your guidance. 
  • Accepting challenge as a positive opportunity to be creative 
  • Incorporating all the lessons brought your way with grace and ease, knowing that it is how you choose to respond to an event that makes a lasting impression. 
  • Undeniably, by taking the time and insight to redefine yourself, you can declare yourself true inline for the wonders of your life. 
  • Through this you will form a deep sense of self-esteem, self-respect, confidence and clarity about who you are. In doing so you are able to create healthier relationships with friends, loved ones, your partner and especially yourself. 
  • Remember, past hurts pull you down. Declare yourself to be free from these wounds. You hold the key to unlock the door to the future of your dreams. Start now to define your tomorrow. Step into your true knowingness of yourself and you will radiate a totally different energy, This naturally means you are going to attract people and experiences that mirror what you are sending out. Get ready to radiate and light-up your world with your WOW. So, are you ready to declare yourself IN? 




  • I choose to surround myself with love
  • I am worthy of being loved
  • I am lovable
  • I am Love
  • I live each day with radiance
  • I am confident
  • My self-esteem guides me accurately to experience only what is for my highest good