Use this affirmation, or one of the others from this chapter to focus your attention and sow the seeds for what you experience in your life.


How to get the most from affirmations:

Step 1 – Believe

  • Make sure your chosen affirmation aligns with how you would like to FEEL
  • Repeat regularly either aloud or to yourself with some energy in your voice – shout it, sing it, or chant it!
  • Imagine how your life will be when it becomes a reality

Step 2 – Act – this is the most important step!

  • Avoid expecting exactly how you imagine it will manifest
  • Live as though you already have received the gift of your affirmation
  • Watch for subtle or significant signs that your affirmation becoming a reality
  • Take action when presented with an opportunity

Step 3 – Receive

  • Be open to new possibilities and opportunities that may offer something better than you imagined!
  • Be the gracious receiver by knowing you are worthy your affirmation becoming a reality