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Every wellbeing professional wants to make a difference.

One of the keys to achieving this is through recommendations from happy clients. 

Now, more than ever, clients need your skills, knowledge and experience.

They deserve and demand the best you can offer.

They recommend based on feeling heard, understood and lasting results.

The effectiveness of any client session begins at the consultation


Learn Soulistic Face Reading online and turn your consultations into the secret to your clients results and your success!

When you Learn Soulistic Face Reading online with AnnaLouise Haigh, Soulistic Face Reading specialist, you are embarking on a journey. Not only will you gain invaluable understanding, knowledge, and skills that will underpin how you meet your clients’ needs…but you will begin an adventure of discovering who you are through true self-knowing. 

What is Face Reading?

Face Reading is the interpretation of the individual features of the face. Some you were born with and these denote your innate character. Others are etched through your mindset, personal beliefs and how you see yourself and the world around you.

Reading the face is like reading a book. Each feature is a chapter which creates the story of the individual, hence the term, Face Reading!

No one feature tells the whole story about person. The information gained through the interpretation of each feature creates a full profile which can be enlightening, transformational and the foundation of true wellbeing.

How is Soulistic Face Reading different?

Soulistic Face Reading goes beyond the traditional Face Reading analysis of character and health statue. Soulistic Face Reading unlocks the wisdom messages held within the mind, body, heart and soul. This is its greatest benefit to clients seeking true wellbeing, self-knowing and growth. This means that Soulistic Face Reading can act as a starting point for self-discovery.  It is also an invaluable tool for anyone wishing to know themselves more authentically and use this information to make wise choices to increase their life enrichment and joy.

To be clear – this form of Face Reading is NOT about understanding facial expressions, psychic predictions, making judgements or determining a clinical/medical diagnosis. 

Learn from a pioneer

From a brief introduction to Face Reading in 1988, I became a Face Reading junkie! There weren’t any books available, so I took what little knowledge I had and set about testing its accuracy during my client consultations. It wasn’t long before I was convinced and confident in my new passion.  Since that time, I have taught myself to interpret each of the face features through hundreds and thousands of observations, studying behaviour, spiritual psychology, mind-body connection and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Some years ago, I started to intuitively interpret new layers of meaning for the features. It became obvious that my approach to Face Reading was Soulistic. This means that it is the mind, body, emotions and soul of the individual which are being analysed to create a complete profile. At this point, deeper layers of understanding were revealed and the value of this time-honoured skill aligned itself with the needs of today’s awakening individuals.

Which learning pathway suits you best? 

We know that everyone has a preferred learning style and support needs. This is why we offer two different ways to complete this course.


  1. Self-study – this format give you continued access so you can learn at your own pace. If you are a self-starter, disciplined to make sure you complete all the modules so you can receive your certificate and feel yo udo not need any extra guidance or support from a Tutor, then this option is for you. You can enrol using the button below and we will contact you within 24 hours to welcome you to the course and help get you started with some top tips gathered from years of delivering this course. 

Learn at your own pace! Once you have enrolled on this supported self-study course…….

  • The course is comprised of a logical sequence of modules
  • The course material is presented through video, and is supported by a comprehensive illustrated printable course manual
  • You can study when it is most convenient, without the stress of deadlines
  • To ensure your success and completion of the course, there are regular live online Progress sessions with AnnaLouise
  • On completion, you will receive a Certificate acknowledging your new skills (This is valid for Continuing Professional Development purposes)
  • Whenever you like, you can return to any section or lesson to refresh your knowledge and skills as needed
  • I am here if you get stuck! Simply email ( or Facebook message me if you need an extra bit of guidance

You will receive:

  • The complete Soulistic Face Reading course in modular form delivered online
  • Downloadable notes to create a comprehensive illustrated course manual
  • A Certificate of Completion (CPD worthy!)

At the end of the course you will be able to understand and articulate the significance of attributes concerning health, character, life empowerment features, ‘soul nudges’, and life success.

2. If you prefer to have accountability, extra guidance and insights into Face Reading and how you can use it within your career, then the Tutor Supported option is right for you. Once enrolled, you will be contacted within 24 hours to welcome you to the course, discuss the best study schedule, set your intentions, and explore how you will be able to use your new skills in your career. You will be personally Tutored by Anna-Louise Haigh, founder of Soulistic Face Reading and this will give you extra insights and information to weave into your growing knowledge and skill. As questions arise, you will be able to receive invaluable answers which add to the value of your learning. 

If this sounds like the type of support that would help ensure you complete the course is a reasonable timescale, then just click the button below to enrol. 


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Because we care about your learning journey, upon receipt of your payment, you will receive an email with an invitation to discuss how we can best support you during your time on the course, this will be sent to within 24 hours of booking.