Soulistic Face Reading


Soulistic Face Reading Unveiled

two day accredited course in Cambridge

for wellbeing professionals

November 16 & 17, 2018

8 places only 

This is a rare opportunity to

Learn Soulistic Face Reading

directly from Anna-Louise Haigh, Face Reading Specialist

If you are a wellbeing professional who wants to serve their clients in a deeper, more effective way, read on….

When you Learn Soulistic Face Reading with Anna-Louise Haigh, you are embarking on a journey.  This two day intensive course gives you everything you need to confidently and accurately  become A Soulistic Face Reading Specialist by learning

Anna-Louise rarely teaches this course ‘live’ so this is an opportunity to be grabbed without hesitation – 6 places only!

Every wellbeing professional wants to make a difference.

One of the keys to achieving this is through recommendations from happy clients.

Now, more than ever, clients need your skills, knowledge and experience.

They deserve and demand the best you can offer.

They recommend based on feeling heard, understood and lasting results.

The effectiveness of any client session begins at the consultation

Learn Soulistic Face Reading

and turn your consultations into the secret to your clients results and your success!

When you Learn Soulistic Face Reading with AnnaLouise Haigh, Soulistic Face Reading specialist, you are embarking on a journey. Not only will you gain invaluable understanding, knowledge, and skills that will underpin how you meet your clients’ needs…but you will begin an adventure of discovering who you are through true self-knowing. 

What is Face Reading?

Face Reading is the interpretation of the individual features of the face. Some you were born with and these denote your innate character. Others are etched through your mindset, personal beliefs and how you see yourself and the world around you.

Reading the face is like reading a book. Each feature is a chapter which creates the story of the individual, hence the term, Face Reading!

No one feature tells the whole story about person. The information gained through the interpretation of each feature creates a full profile which can be enlightening, transformational and the foundation of true wellbeing.

How is Soulistic Face Reading different?

Soulistic Face Reading goes beyond the traditional Face Reading analysis of character and health statue. Soulistic Face Reading unlocks the wisdom messages held within the mind, body, heart and soul. This is its greatest benefit to clients seeking true wellbeing, self-knowing and growth. This means that Soulistic Face Reading can act as a starting point for self-discovery.  It is also an invaluable tool for anyone wishing to know themselves more authentically and use this information to make wise choices to increase their life enrichment and joy.

To be clear – this form of Face Reading is NOT about understanding facial expressions, psychic predictions, making judgements or determining a clinical/medical diagnosis. 

Two days that will take you and your career to the next level!

With every client, you will make a greater difference because you will…..

  • Offer a complete self-renewal experience from the moment you meet because you see beyond what they say
  • Build rapport quickly by adding a deeper dimension to your consultation
  • Enhance your consultation through more accurate and revealing discovery questions
  • Broaden your ability to help your client understand what emotions, beliefs or thinking patterns are contributing to their health and wellbeing
  • Provide a framework for your skills to be applied for greater benefit
  • More accurately determine the most appropriate therapy approach to suit your client’s personality and needs
  • Meet your clients at their place of need and gently bring awareness and understanding that will help them know themselves on the way to personal transformation and lasting benefit from your skills
  • Deliver your therapeutic approaches with greater alignment to your underlying source of disharmony and dis-ease


How to become a confident Soulistic Face Reading specialist

To become a confident Soulistic Face Reader, you need an experienced tutor and a comprehensive yet fun and understandable way to learn how to interpret the features of the face. To enable this, I have poured 30 years worth of experience gained over thousands of observations, new discoveries and understanding into this course.

Your training begins with understanding the traditional history, uses and language of face reading so that you have a solid foundation from which to develop your skills.

Every module looks at a specific feature and gives you a spectrum of interpretations in such a way that your own intuition and knowledge create a synergy through which the messages are understood. You will grow in accuracy and confidence naturally.

During this accredited course, you will benefit both personally and professionally as you:

  • Learn how to interpret the features of the face ACCURATELY and with CONFIDENCE to enhance your existing professional role
  • Gain greater self-knowing, self-awareness and confidence
  • Create a deeper connection with your soul’s wisdom so you can enjoy greater fulfillment, purpose and direction
  • Discover a clear understanding of your strengths and potentials
  • Find the keys to build better relationships and rapport with clients
  • Learn ways to create new income streams, expand your role and direction

Course fee £297

To book your place – £100 non-refundable deposit is required. The balance can be paid on the first day by credit card. Please use the button below to reserve your place!

How can you use this skill?

Soulistic Face Reading is an essential skill for anyone working with enabling and optimising the best within the people with whom they engage, manage or support. This invaluable and insightful approach enhances your professional observation and inter-personal skills by increasing your ability to respond appropriately to meet individuals’ underlying needs from a general to a Soulistic level.

What will I learn?

To become a confident Soulistic Face Reader, your training begins with understanding the traditional history, uses and language of face reading so that you have a solid foundation from which to develop your skills. The course is taught in a natural sequence from traditional to Soulistic observation skills. This enables you to have a variety of observational perspectives from which to understand the features and their underlying messages.  Throughout the course you will learn four distinct key approaches to ‘reading’ the face and the associated meaning of individual features.

This accredited course will teach you to:

Interpret the features of the face ACCURATELY and with CONFIDENCE to enhance your existing professional role.

You will receive:

  • Personal tuition in a small group of like-minded professionals
  • The complete Soulistic Face Reading illustrated course manual
  • Certificate of Completion (CPD worthy!)
  • AND – free access to the DIY version of the online course worth £197 which will give you a ready resource to help you continue your knowledge growth

At the end of the course you will be able to understand and articulate the significance of attributes concerning health, character, life empowerment features, ‘soul nudges’, and life success. Confidently speak to others and even deliver a talk to help grow your business.

This means you will be able to…..

  • Confidently use Soulistic Face Reading to enhance your consultations
  • Create more meaningful and beneficial offerings which meet your clients’ needs on a deeper level
  • Conduct a 1:1 Soulistic Face Reading both ‘live’ and online using a good photo


Your training is fun, full of ‘light-bulb’ moments of self-discovery

and at the same time imparts the necessary understanding and skills

with plenty of practical time to build your skills, confidence and ability.

Plenty of ‘light-bulb’ moments!

Inevitably, by learning this ancient Oriental skill, you will be learning more about yourself. In a nutshell, Soulistic Face Reading helps you understand yourself and others instantly!  For anyone interested in personal growth, self-awareness and life enrichment Soulistic Face Reading is an essential tools to unveil the silenced and hidden wisdom, and whisperings from within.

Learn from a pioneer

From a brief introduction to Face Reading in 1988, I became a Face Reading junkie! There weren’t any books available, so I took what little knowledge I had and set about testing its accuracy during my client consultations. It wasn’t long before I was convinced and confident in my new passion.  Since that time, I have taught myself to interpret each of the face features through hundreds and thousands of observations, studying behaviour, spiritual psychology, mind-body connection and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Some years ago, I started to intuitively interpret new layers of meaning for the features. It became obvious that my approach to Face Reading was Soulistic. This means that it is the mind, body, emotions and soul of the individual which are being analysed to create a complete profile. At this point, deeper layers of understanding were revealed and the value of this time-honoured skill aligned itself with the needs of today’s awakening individuals.