Learn Chakra Whispering

Are you a Reiki Practitioner, Complementary Therapist,

Yoga/Pilates enthusiast or a genuine seeker of personal and spiritual growth?

Whether you are just starting out on your journey or are looking to take your knowledge and career to the next level, becoming a ‘Chakra Whisperer’ offers essential knowledge and wisdom which unlocks and benefits every element of well-being. This course offers essential learning for today’s healers, mentors and seekers who seek to build their role based on making a lasting difference to others.

This course will guide and enrich you for the rest of your career and life! Filled with insight, channelled wisdom, fun and plenty of ah-ha moments, you will find yourself learning with ease and expanding your consciousness naturally.

Offered as part online self-study and concluding with a group practical/assessment day, this course is designed to fit in with your current life and yet give you something to aim for and be enriched along the way!



Discover hugely effective ways to meet your clients needs and expand your offerings when you learn:

  • The true potential of the 7 main chakras
  • How to expand your own connection, consciousness and career with chakras wisdom
  • The Higher Consciousness Chakra Gateways, Earth and Soul Stars
  • The connection to the Soul’s voice through the Chakras
  • About the multi-faceted influence of the chakras plus two powerful gateways
  • To interpret chakra imbalances and your place on the Chakra Spiral
  • How your life reflects your chakras and how to rebalance, revitalise and enhance, it
  • Chakra Balancing  using crystals, colour, Reflexology and Aura sprays
  • Heart-centred soul healing from the higher heart chakra
  • Ways to cleanse, nourish and support inner harmony
  • How to increase your Soulistic wellbeing through the chakras for mind, body, heart and soul benefit
  • How to use Anna-Louise’s unique Chakra Whispering Oracle Cards for personal growth and to help others find answers and direction


  • The power of chakra potential and harmony
  • Guided Imagery to connect and anchor to new consciousness waiting for you
  • Giving and receiving a powerful soul healing through the chakras
  • Chakra Balancing for inner harmony alignment
  • Release from limiting patterns and shadow behaviour to strengthen chakra stability
  • Connection with the Ancients who can guide and strengthen your sense of life meaning and purpose
  • Enhancement of your current holistic offerings, enrich your personal and career path,
    help others heal, growth and SHINE!
  • And much more!

This very special, information rich course offers you the opportunity to tap into the wisdom of the ancients and the career and personal of experience of. Anna-Louise Haigh. Packed with learning, insight and opportunity to re-awaken what sleeps within your Souls’ memories of lifetimes as healer, shaman, witch and sage, you will be enriched on every level.

Ideal for energy therapists and genuine spiritual seekers, you will take away knowledge and skills that will help you build the future chapters of your life and career.

How this course is delivered:

Phase 1: Theory – delivered online, fully supported with a comprehensive course manual and video tutorials. 

Phase 2: Practical – Attend a one-day practical skills development day masterclass to complete your course and receive your certificate. 

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Add a new offering to your therapy menu which expands your ability to serve your clients in a meaningful way
  • Confidently interpret the messages delivered through the Chakras that influence mind, body, heart and soul wellbeing
  • Effectively conduct a subtly powerful Chakra Whispering and balancing session
  • Converse in the language of the Chakras to help others understand their meaning and messages
  • Deliver a promotional talk all about the Chakras and how Chakra Whispering can benefit your audience

Group size: 8 places available.
Your investment: £350    Secure your place with a £100 deposit.      Balance due 4 weeks prior to Phase 2 to reserve your place.


Beyond My Expectations

I learned so much from Anna-Louise’s wonderful teaching and from everyone sharing their experiences and their wisdom. It went way beyond what I expected or hoped for from this course. I really do think you offer exceptional value for money with this course!

Feel Empowered

I am so grateful to you for the last 3 days – for your wonderful knowledge and insight and for creating the space in which we could all share experiences, learn and grow together. It has been an amazing journey and I have come home feeling so empowered. I have discovered so much about myself and have made sense of things which have happened in my life and choices I have made.

So Fulfilling! 

Thank you so much for once again delivering such an informative course whilst making it feel like we have been doing this for years! I can’t thank you enough for opening up my life and helping me on a journey that is so fulfilling!

Harrogate Course

Phase One: Theory starts April 10, 2019

Phase Two: Practical Assessment Day

Sunday June 23, 2019.  10 – 4


Carlisle Course

Phase One: Theory starts September 10, 2019

Phase Two: Practical Assessment Day

Saturday November 16, 2019 10 – 4