Introduction to Soul Whispering

Foundation for better relationships, clarity and direction

The time has come…

As 2019 draws to a close, and a new decade is on the horizon, the time is ripe to strengthen your connection with your Soul.

Whether you are just starting out on your awakening journey or have been traveling for a while, what happens next could define the year(s) ahead.

In just a few weeks, we will begin a new decade. More powerful than just turning another year on the calendar, for anyone who has been feeling the need to make changes, let go of the heaviness of the past and gain a clear connection with their passion and purpose…..things are about to get interesting!

Seeking to know, understand and appreciate yourself may have taken you on courses, retreats or filled your bookshelves. It seems more obvious to look outside ourselves for the answers we seek, rather than look within. And without the proper understanding of proven ways to access what is waiting within, it is easy to stay focused on the outside world. Here is your opportunity to get connected.



Sleeping in the Shadows

We all have a story.

Some chapters were written about us, others we co-authored or created single-handedly.

Wherever your story started, no matter how many chapters you have already created, the next one could be completely in your control and the best ever.

You no longer have to hide in the shadows of the past, hold onto the labels or illusions put upon you.



The Introduction to Soul Whispering is here to help you reclaim your inner Light

Soul Whispering is the art and practice of easily and naturally listening to the Soul you host

This can only happen when there is a clear understanding of the Soul, its purpose and potential.

Soul Whispering brings you into alignment with who you were born to be. It gives you a compass to steer by and guidance to navigate your life path. 

By establishing a strong connection with the wisdom of your Soul, challenges become opportunities to tap into deeply creative energy waiting to serve you. The opportunity for growth and greater self-knowing gently nourishes you every day through the new perspectives you will trust and rely upon. 

Above all, you will discover how to let your past become your launchpad, and the present-day becomes a stepping stone toward your Bliss. 

You will receive the keystones to guide you towards:

  • Greater self-knowing
  • Reframing limiting self-beliefs
  • New perspectives to help you heal and enrich all your relationships (especially the one with yourself!)
  • Harvesting the learning from 2019
  • Set a clear view for continuing to grow authentically
  • Embrace the gifts of Self-Honouring
  • and, because the group size is limited, I will be responsive to the needs and questions which arise making this a very unique and powerful experience

Who is this for?

This is your natural next step if you:

  • Have been curious about exploring meaningful ways to find clarity and direction
  • Are at the beginning of your Awakening Journey to authentically know yourself and your life purpose and are confused about where to start
  • Have been on your journey for a while and have stalled because of time restrictions, overwhelm, life events or the lack of an experienced guide to answer your questions
  • Are a wellbeing professional, healer, guide, mentor or coach who wants to enrich their ability to help clients more deeply and make a greater difference to others

How it works

This 17-day experience is designed to fit into your daily life.

Each day, I will add new insight to our private Facebook Group.

Plus we will have 2 opportunities to meet ‘live’ online for a Q&A ‘Deeper Dive into the Wisdom’ session.

Throughout the experience, your awakening journey will benefit from:
  • Live posts each day in our private Facebook group
  • Powerful Affirmations to anchor your new awakening energy
  • Videos full of guidance that you can watch and re-watch at your convenience
  • Tools and techniques to help you ‘hear’ and learn to trust your Souls’ wisdom
  • Guided meditations
  • and easy-to-complete 10-minute tasks
  • direct access to personal guidance

Starting Soon!

Starting Tuesday, November 26 (New Moon) and concluding on Thursday, December 12, (Full Moon) you will receive a prompt, or task suggestion each day.

By the end of this experience…..

The outcome is aimed at giving you greater self-knowing and a better relationship with yourself.

In addition, you will gain greater compassion and understanding about others which will benefit all your relationships.

Ultimately, you will have a stronger connection with the wisdom of your Soul which will enable you to make better choices, release guilt and regret, and approach 2020 with a new sense of authenticity.

Enrolment is now open and places are limited

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You pay only £47

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