Soul Whisperer’s New Moon Workshop

Hope 2022 – Part 4 – The Final workshop


Harvest Your Gold 

Pay only £37

At a time of great change, this workshop is intended to help you navigate the days and months to come

Join me and together we will:

  • Explore …. how to find and keep the light of Hope shining brightly within your heart
  • Learn how to … help others find hope where there may be none
  • Answer why …  it is necessary to continue to cultivate your energy of hope
  • Discover how to… take all elements which create a sustainable level of hope and use them daily
  • Gain … tips, tools and techniques to continue to live with hope in your heart
  • Create … new ways generate hope
  • Plus gain new perspectives, and insights to enrich your journey.



rainbow Harvest Your Gold workshop

Just £37

Everyone who registers receives unlimited access to the replay

Join me as we complete the year of Hope 2022 with this very special workshop. 

Created and delivered with our current national bond in mind and heart. 

Take your next step with confidence