Soul Whisperer’s New Moon Workshop

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The start of any year always heralds new beginnings and a promise of a fresh start. 

It could be fair to day that even the most complacent person is probably hoping for a better year than the last two!

Starting ANY year off with positivity and clear focus is essential.

Join me and together we will:

  • Explore …. why the January New Moon is so powerful for the coming months
  • Learn how to … filter out the overwhelm of thoughts that inhibit positive experiences
  • Answer why … ‘good intentions’ are not enough to bring about lasting meaningful change
  • Discover how to… ensure you are attracting what will benefit you most
  • Gain … tips, tools and techniques to build your year of Hope
  • Create … a monthly or even weekly plan for the winter season
  • Plus gain new perspectives, and insights to enrich your journey.



January workshop 2022

Building on the hugely successful workshop ‘2022 – The Year of Hope’ presented in December 2021, this first offering of 2022 sets the tone for the year ahead.

You can watch the replay of this previous workshop for FREE here

Throughout 2022, to celebrate each quarter, the New Moon workshop will powerfully tap into the energy of the coming season and further activate your year of Hope.

Make this a year where hope becomes a reality 

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