Hearing Your Heart Sing again

When did you last hear your heart sing? Life moves so fast that days quickly become months and before you know it, another year has flown by. In times past, when I lived in rural Canada, I remember the days were longer, calmer and more joy-filled. Without mobile phones, emails, hundreds of television channels or the internet, life was simpler and offered more opportunities to appreciate what was going on around me. I wish I had appreciated those carefree days more. Today we all seem to be caught by the allure of the digital age, shiny new things and the arrival of artificial intelligence. So, will this give us more time to hear our heart sing? And if it did, would you recognise its sweet voice?

Too easy to let time slip by

It is easy to be over-focused on what is happening around us, supercharged by the media, instantly connected to the happenings around the globe, which makes it is easy to forget what matters most. I have been guilty of racing on my personal hamster wheel in the past. Sound familiar? There are times when I have been running so fast for so long that any glimmer of heart-centred self-care or appreciation for the beauty of life, became a blur. My friends didn’t notice simply because they were busy chasing goals, ambitions and illusions offered by their own hamster wheels!

One day, thankfully, everything changed within an instant.

A moment of awakening

I popped my head up long enough to see what was happening around me. Seasons had changed, my hair had grown a few inches, and I wasn’t sure who was staring back at me in the mirror. And then it happened, the big question I had been shying away from for a long time, I asked myself, ‘what is this all about?’

I questioned the crazy imbalance between work, life, love and fun and found I didn’t have a convincing answer, just a washed out look on my tired face. That is when I realised my hearts voice had been reduced to a whimper. What once was the energy of a heart fulfilled had faded, however it was not totally silenced. There was hope and opportunity staring me in the face that day, which I was not going to ignore it.

3 ways to hear your heart sing – This worked for me

I still had to honour what my day would normally contain, however, I made myself a promise that I would find every way possible to show GRATITUDE for whatever my day brought. Whether it was something small and easily missed or something that literally could stop me in my tracks, each element received a heart-felt pulse of gratitude.

Without hesitation, each person I met received a proper heart-to-heart ACKNOWLEDGEMENT and I saw their energy shifted in recognition. That day was a whirlwind of joy-filled, soul nourishing moments and, with each one, my heart sang louder, clearer and longer. Time slowed down because I gave more meaningfully APPRECIATION to everyone and everything. Proof that shifting the focus from constantly chasing life to being more present brings instant results and I am grateful for that too.

It can work for you too!

Awareness is the foundation of transformation. Take a few days and just be aware of how you engage with others, spend your time and get distracted! Make a few observations in a journal for later reference if you like. Then, revisit those experiences in your mind and imagine applying the three honourings mentioned above….what would change? If it feels good, make it real! It is never too late to hear your heart sing and to help others do the same.

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