Join the Guided Meditation and Mindful Living 21 Day Challenge starts 28 April 2019

Get set to reclaim your inner calm and centeredness!

Almost every day there is reference to the benefits of taking time for yourself and often in the same sentence it is suggested that meditation is invaluable for all levels of wellbeing. There are many types of meditation, however for anyone who is short on time, but keen of getting the deepest benefit, Guided Mediation combined with Mindful Living techniques is the most powerful combination for lasting results. 

Experience one of the easiest, quickest and most lasting ways to recalibrate by spending a few minutes each day just calming your mind and letting your imagination take you where you need to be. Some might call this day-dreaming, however when you are guided by an experienced teacher, this precious time becomes an invaluable way to gain clarity, release or reframe events and ultimately revitalise you on every level.

My name is AnnaLouise Haigh, I have been teaching Guided Meditation all of my career and I have used Mindful Living all my life. 

I am delighted to invite you to join me for a powerful experience that will be offered in a private Facebook group. 

The Guided Meditation and Mindful Living made easy for Busy People!

21 Day Challenge

Starts Sunday, 28 April 2019

Who is this for?

This challenge is for anyone who seeks to reclaim some clarity, calm and centeredness.

Newbie? Whether you are new to Guided Meditation and want to silence your ‘monkey mind’ so you can gain clarity and calm, or wish to create or deepen your daily practice, I would be delighted to guide you so you receive all you need to feel the benefit. 

Wellbeing Professional? If you are a healer, therapist, or mentor who is wishing to expand their business and help clients achieve powerful lasting transformations, this challenge will give you the personal experience that you can build upon if you choose to add to your skill set by working with me further to gain an accredited qualification. 

What to expect: 

Each weekday (weekends off!), I will add a post into a private Facebook Group  – each Guided Meditation will be about 15 minutes long and will include a carefully chosen Mindful Living tip or task, and an Affirmation to anchor your progress.

All the posts will be kept in the Facebook group so you can conveniently watch when it suits you. I will be on hand to respond to your comments, guide and encourage you all the way through. 

The Guided Meditations will naturally build upon each other so you progress through a positive transformational journey for your Mind, Body, Heart and Soul.

In addition, I will also by including Mindful Living tips and Affirmations so you can add to the benefit of your experience


Any questions, please pop me an email to 

Why is Guided Meditation so powerful and necessary for wellbeing? 

In our busy lives, time flies past so quickly and it is often only when we experience a sudden change in life circumstances that we stop and take notice. Up to that day, you may have been comfortable on your personal hamster wheel!

Guided Meditation coupled with Mindful Living is a marriage made in heaven! Add to that powerful Affirmations and the path towards genuine self-knowing, healing and growth is laid before you.

Guided Meditation is often called guided imagery or visualisation. It is not the same a Hypnotherapy or Hypnosis although there are similarities.

You are in the right place if you are seeking to create a new habit that will give you a constant tool ideal for: 

  • Calmness for your mind and emotions
  • Clarity about a new direction or opportunity
  • Stress reduction
  • Developing your intuition
  • Releasing past shadows or emotional pain
  • Harmonising your mind, body and emotions
  • Balancing your energy
  • Better sleep and brighter days!

This challenge is a chance to tap into my experience as a mentor, and Guided Meditation teacher and  work with me in the same intuitive, heart-centred style I infuse into everything I offer. I love transparency – above all I want you to experience the far-reaching benefits of Guided Meditation, and if you like what I deliver and want to continue your journey, I will offer you the opportunity to do so as I have two avenues where I specialise. For your personal journey, there is The Meditation Imaginarium and if you are a healer, mentor, coach, light-worker or wellbeing professional and would like to lead others to experience the benefits of Guided Meditation, I offer an accredited online course to become a Guided Meditation Leader. 

What to do now!

Simply click on the button below, fill in your details and you will be added to the waitlist. You will receive more details by email notification nearer the time.

I am really looking forward to sharing this time with you.

Any questions, please pop me an email to