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Introducing Face Whispering for Self-Knowing:

An unrivalled approach to unlock the secrets of your true Self to  nurture self-belief, confidence and fulfilment.

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New to Face Whispering? Let me explain.

Fusing the ancient Chinese tradition of Face Reading with my pioneering style of observation developed over the past 35 years, Face Whispering is a powerful synergy for interpreting the facial features to reveal insights and guidance for self-awareness, awakening and living authentically.

Face Whispering which gives voice to the inner wisdom, messages and forgotten ‘sense of self’ waiting to enrich and elevate your mind, body, heart and Soul.

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Having a natural curiosity about ourselves and others is part of what makes us human.

Studies have shown that ‘people-watchers’ have greater compassion, empathy and self-awareness and yet what is being observed?


Knowing and understanding oneself is the source of awareness and a stepping stone towards living authentically.

When we observe others, we subconsciously pick up clues about behaviour, how to respond to situations, and learning which subtly informs our own decisions and actions. However, there is a deeper layer of observation which serves to connect us (or not) with others.

We all have an innate social awareness of attributes which tell us about others. Perhaps this was learned at home, in school or from television or the media.

While these insights may be helpful, they are often limiting and even judgemental which means they fail to nurture a good relationships – casting the negative light back on ourself as well as the others concerned.

Never miss the opportunity to know yourself and another person again.

Drawing on over 35 years of pioneering experience, my style of Face Whispering interprets every facial feature is to reveal hidden messages to nurture your mind, body, heart and Soul.

Combining a synergy of ancient time-honoured analysis enhanced with unique ways to discover deeper insights, creates precise intuitive feedback and guidance.

Each feature of the face is read like a chapter in the story of you.

When all features are considered collectively, the result is a deeper sense of self-knowing and appreciation which supports authentic living.

Questions I am often asked…

Who should learn Face Whispering?

Whether you are an avid people-watcher or someone who is seeking greater self-knowing, release from self-doubt, clarity, direction, confidence and stronger relationships, Face Whispering will benefit you. The depth of insight and self-knowing revealed through interpreting the facial features in Face Whispering makes it an essential life skill.

Do I need any prior experience?

None at all. If you are keen and curious to learn more about yourself (and others) you will enjoy and gain a great deal from this course.

Can Face Whispering be used in a professional setting?


Face Whispering is an invaluable skill for anyone who faces the public in their professional role. Imagine being better able to speak to your listener in a way which will have greater meaning, clarity and receptivity simply because your Face Whispering skills helped you understand them quickly.

Is it possible to use Face Whispering as a psychic or prediction tool?


Face Whispering interprets the individual features of the face to reveal inner knowledge about character, potential strengths, hidden or forgotten talents or gifts, personality traits to draw upon and elements of wellbeing enhancement.

Is Face Whispering really a ‘thing?’

Yes it certainly is!

Face Whispering is my signature offering which honours the ancient Chinese system of Face Reading and takes it to a new level for today’s seeker of self-knowing, authenticity and inner joy.

From a very brief introduction, I have conducted uncountable thousands of observations to establish the reliability, accuracy and potency of this approach.

Face Whispering is a Soulistic skill, meaning it focuses on revealing the invaluable unspoken insights from the mind, body, heart and Soul only the facial features can reveal.

How do I learn Face Whispering?

Lead by your natural desire to know and grow your self-awareness, I have poured my experience into a unique online course called, ‘Get Started with Face Whispering’

Guided by 7 clearly detailed and explained modules including worksheets you quickly and easily go from ‘novice to confidently knowledgable’ at your own pace.

Each lesson acts like a chapter in a fascinating book which you can return to any time you wish

Plus, with the guidance of 2 additional modules you will build your confidence and trust in your intuition.

You can begin at any time. Unlimited access to all lessons.

“I understand my family better”

Celia, Grandma, Mum and Daughter

“Strengthens my confidence

Lesley-Ann, Curious to learn more!

“My intuition is stronger”

Lesley, Mum and Therapist

Know your true Self and understand others instantly

Grow your confidence quickly with the The Face Whispering Quick Reference Guide included when you register.

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