Face Reading: The Ultimate Self-knowledge skill

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Foreheads and Hairlines

Face Reading with Anna-Louise helps you understand yourself and others instantly.

Find answers to questions about living as your best self, supporting your wellbeing and gain insight into inner wisdom for life enrichment. 

Face Reading: Foreheads and Hairlines

We will cover:

  • 3 main shapes and their meaning in relation to your best career options
  • Character strengths and potentials
  • Wellbeing signs
  • Soul signs for inner knowing and guidance
  • Ways to make the most from your natural features



Face Reading

Drawing on over 35 years of pioneering experience, my style of Face Reading interprets every facial feature.

Combining a synergy of ancient time-honoured analysis enhanced with unique ways to discover deeper insights, creates precise intuitive feedback and guidance.

Please note: Face Reading is not a form of psychic skill.

Instead, each feature is read like a chapter in the story of you. When all features are considered collectively, the result is a deeper sense of self-knowing for authentic living.

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