New Moon Manifester’s and Inner Circle Groups FAQ

When can I join either group? 

The best time to join either group is as you complete The Way of Your Soul 9 – month journey. This ensures you maintain your momentum for continued guidance and enrichment of your authentic life pathway.

How long is the membership for each group? 

The membership is for 12 months starting quarterly (in alignment with the completeion of each TWOYS cohort).

Are these 2 groups open to general members?

No. These two groups are specifically for past participants of The Way of Your Soul Authentic Awakening Programme.

Who is the New Moon Manifester’s option ideally for?

Exclusively for past participants of The Way of Your Soul Authentic Awakening programme who wish to gently continue their growth with the benefit of regular accountability check-in opportunities.

Who is the Inner Circle best for?

As with the ‘New Moon Manifester’s’ group, the Inner Circle is exclusively for past participants of The Way of Your Soul Authentic Awakening programme. The significant difference is reflected in the frequency and depth of regular guidance and support you will receive, plus the potential savings as shown.

If you feel you are on your way toward truly living as your Soul intended and appreciate the value of personal connection from an experienced mentor and guide, this is the opportunity for you.

With the added benefits as listed, along with the personal guidance, the Inner Circle represents true value for your growth.

Who are the Soul Whisperer’s Workshops created for?

The signature selection of workshops covering a variety of topics are for anyone seeing an understanding about authentic/spiritual ways to support their wellbeing for the mind, body, heart and Soul. These workshops are designed to be insightful, thought-provoking and meaningful with valuable ‘take away’ applicable knowledge.

Will I be able to access the workshops and/or Masterclasses after they take place?

Yes. All workshops and Masterclasses will be recorded and available in Membervault. As long as you maintain your membership, you will have access.

How is the value of the new Moon Manifester’s calculated?

The value is based on a 12-month membership.

The features of the new Moon Manifester’s group are priced as follows:

  • An initial ‘Get Focused’ call = £40
  • Monthly Live New Moon and Full Moon/Q&A and Accountability calls = £600
  • 50% discount off bi-monthly Inner Circle Masterclasses – Normal price – £97 each x 6 per year = £582 less your discount, you pay = £291
  • 50% saving on Soul Whisperer’s Workshops – Normally price £370 per year (10 workshops) You pay = £185
  • Plus New Moon nudges by email

Total value = £1116

How much will I pay for the Own Your Outcome annual membership which gives me the benefits listed above? 

You pay £324 (based on 12 x £27) or you can save £54 by making a One-off payment of just £270

How is the value of the Inner Circle calculated?

The value is based on a 12-month commitment, the following is included:

  • An initial ‘Get Focused’ call = £40
  • Monthly Live New Moon and Full Moon/Q&A and Accountability calls = £600
  • 10 Soul Whisperer’s Workshops – Normally £37 = £370
  • 10 x one-to-one personal 30-minute guidance calls = £500
  • 6 deep dive Masterclasses @ £97 each = £582
  • VIP Invitation to join all retreats, live events, online Quests and receive a 10% discount*
  • Private Inner Circle Facebook Group for continual connection = invaluable

Total value = £2092 PLUS the added savings bonus – Events Discount* – receive 10% off all retreats, live events and online programmes and launches*.

*The Events Discount and invitation to join the Quests increases the overall value as the more opportunities you register for, more you save.

How much will I pay for the Inner Circle membership? 

You pay – £1332 (12 x £111) or you can save £221 by making a One-off payment of just £1110

What can I achieve in a one-to-one?

Your one-to-one sessions are completely flexible to meet your most important needs. They often represent an opportunity to gain clarity and solutions. The focus is always on ensuring you are ‘heard’, and if required, suggestions or guidance will be given. You may choose to use your sessions for personal growth, career direction and enhancement or untangling a situation. All sessions are strictly private and confidential. A secure recording will be sent to you by email shortly afterwards.

If I join the New Moon Manifester’s can I book a one-to-one and how much will it cost?

Of course! You are always welcome to schedule a 60-minute one-to one. The cost is £100.

What does Priority invitation mean?  (Own Your Outcome group)

You will receive early notification of all upcoming events 36-hours prior to any general promotion. In other words, you have first option to register and reserve a place with a deposit.

What does VIP invitation mean? (Inner Circle group)

You will enjoy the same 36-hour early notification as the New Moon Manifester’s group, however, you will also receive a discount of 10% of any event or offering. You could save up to £60 per booking.

What if I can’t attend the monthly Q&A?

Prior to the scheduled Q&A Zoom session, you will be invited to submit your questions so they can be answered during the call. You will then receive the recording.

Can I upgrade from the Own Your Outcome group to the Inner Circle Group?

Yes of course! When the time is right, simply contact me and any amount you have already paid will be credited towards the Inner Circle membership for the remainder current annual term.

If I pay in advance for an annual subscription to either group, can I get a refund if I can’t attend any of the elements included in the description?

From the moment you register, you will have full access to everything as it becomes available. All Q&A calls, workshops and Masterclasses will be recorded, and you will have access until the end of the annual term. Unfortunately, there are no partial refunds.

Is there a Facebook Group for the New Moon Manifester’s Group?

The main focus of the New Moon Manifester’s group is self-paced progression supported by accountability. Due to the time commitment involved in properly engaging with a Facebook group, our main avenue of connection will be on the Q&A calls.

Are the Inner Circle Masterclasses the same as those in the current Way of Your Soul Programme?

No. The Inner Circle Masterclasses cover a new range of related but different topics.

How do I register?

Simply call me! Payment can be made by bank transfer or credit card.


If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on 07974 021095.