Magnetise 2019

Make this Your Year to SHINE!

16 Day Challenge

Starts Sunday January 6, 2019

Turn this year on its head by starting it with a powerful 16-day challenge designed to support you to:

  • Release the shadows of 2018
  • Find clarity about your direction for 2019
  • Tune into you heart and soul wisdom  
  • Gain guidance from within through Guided Meditation
  • Amplify the potential of positive manifestation
  • Equip you to overcome life’s hurdles with grace and ease
  • Inspire you to ‘show up and shine’


What to expect:

Starting a New Moon to tap into the lunar energy that heralds new beginnings on Sunday January 6, at 8 a.m. we will begin our journey and set the scene to ensure you start to manifest in the post powerful way

Each day of the challenge, a new post will be added to our Magnetise 2019 Facebook group

The daily posts will feature insight and inspiration focused on awakening within you the resources to become a mega-manifester!

There will be channelled guided meditations, affirmations, tips and transformative tasks to ensure you get the most from the challenge

All the posts will be continually available throughout the year so you can revisit them anytime you need

Our challenge concludes on Monday, January 21 – the first Full Moon of 2019 which marks the completion of old mindsets, influences and shadows from the past

By the end of the challenge on January 21 you will have:

  • A new sense of direction
  • Clarity about how you wish 2019 to unfold
  • Deep connection with your sense of self-knowing
  • The empowerment tools and techniques to draw upon whenever you need them 

By taking part in this challenge you will take-away new mindsets and awareness that could benefit you in unimaginable ways. My role is to ignite within you this potential. To extend the benefits of the challenge, if you wish to continue to nourish your mind, heart and soul on your awakening journey, I would be delighted to support you in ways I will make available at the end of the challenge.


Magnetise 2019  

The 16 Day Challenge that keeps on delivering throughout the year!

Make this Your Year! 

Just £15

To take part, you will need to be familiar with Facebook as you will be added to the Magnetise 2019 Facebook Group.