Finding a meaningful stocking stuffer isn’t always that easy. 

Giving something that will be appreciated is always the aim of course!

This year, share the gift of light and wisdom, and solve your stocking stuffer search with ease. 

Each book will be signed by me with a personal message for the recipient.

Wisdom and insight on every page!


Be the Light

Ideal for anyone curious or just starting out on their journey and would benefit from feeling connected to a deeper understanding of what makes the world go around.

This is a gentle guide to enable confident exploration toward a greater awareness through the 21 atrtributes created to inform, ignite and inspire soul-led luminessence.

Take away the strain of trying to make sense of life, instead be the Light which brightens every day. ONLY 10 copies available!

£11.99 incl. p+p

Light-filled, Loving and Wise

This little pocket-size book packs a powerful message that offers clarity and empowerment.

Ideal for wisdom seekers who wish to break free from limiting self-beliefs. Thought-provoking and clearly written, each chapter opffers ways to understand onesef and others more deeply.

The added benefit of powerful affirmations turns the insights into actionable steps toward greater confidence and joy.

£7.99 incl. p+p


A powerful combination!

Ideal as a stocking filler or ‘under the tree’.

Save £3.99 when purchased together!

Praise for Be the Light

‘Empowering, genuine, heart-warming guidance’ – Lesley-Ann Iveson

Praise for Light-filled, Loving and Wise

‘This book helps me stay grounded yet connected’ – Maddy Lyons

Book Duo – £15.99 – FREE POSTAGE


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