Honour Your Lotus Journey

Endeavour to be like the lotus; arise silently from your roots, observing as you grow, to blossom in all your unique beauty and spread light wherever you go. Like the blazing sun breaking through the clouds in the middle of a thunderstorm, these words came through me with such force, they could not be denied. I grabbed a piece of paper, scribbled in my hastiest handwriting then threw it onto my overflowing work tray. As soon as those words were born, they were forgotten. I didn’t have time for fluffy sentimental stuff that day. Life was calling and wouldn’t be put on hold! That was 1999. I was 38 and my world was changing rapidly. Too fast. Yet all for the good. The message of the lotus, its symbolic association with the Divine Feminine and of infinite self-renewal, had reached me just in the nick of time. Caught in a web of my own making, I was trying to ease myself from my entanglement with grace and kindness. It was a few days before my work pile released my ‘lotus wisdom’ words back into my consciousness, however this time I listened. And then it struck me.

Timely Travels

My recent time in China, studying and travelling, had prepared me for this part of my journey. Within every city park, many precious magenta lotus flowers garnished each tranquil pond, and stood confidently tall. Bowing only to the gentle breeze, each created a floral womb with the already ripened seeds that will be its legacy. So often, the outward appearance belies the journey. The lotus, with its roots firmly anchored in shadowy silty depths, responds to the call of the light. To the onlooker, they are unaware of the striving, pushing onwards uncertain of the outcome, to reveal the essence of true nature in full bloom. Have you been on your own lotus journey? Are you answering the call of your own inner Light?

Rising above what has gone before

The wisdom of the lotus was not just a metaphor for my life, but for many women. Our mothers, grandmothers and all our female lineage has seeded the rise of the Divine Feminine. Our daughters will inherit what we are here to birth. The collective consciousness of awakening is blossoming. It brings the synergy of wisdom, balance and harmony, into our awareness and for each of us, makes our story one of emergence, rather than emergency.

Follow your compass

Emerging into your radiance may require consciously transcending what you believe to be true about yourself, life and your role. Once embraced, the feeling of standing in your power is unparalleled. Honour your journey yet follow your own compass. Just as a single lotus is swayed by the breeze, it bends but does not break. It stands in its power because it has made the journey. The soul of the lotus delivers its secret to all who are captured by its presence. That secret is self-belief. It saw the Light and kept going. It is time to let the lotus within you blossom! Find what lights up your heart and follow the feeling it generates until you become that feeling. If it makes you feel joyful…..become the epitome of joy! You get the idea? When you fill your heart with the feeling or feelings that light you up inside, your shadow elements naturally heal and you radiate energy with grace and ease. And this is what standing in your Power is all about!
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