Join Our Monthly Online Meditation Group

The Awaken Your WOW and SHINE Group exists to bring together like-minded personal development and spiritual awakening seekers. During the Coronavirus crisis, our gatherings will be help online. 

We welcome anyone who is ready to strengthen their foundations of self-knowing and awareness, build on existing talents and abilities and create a life that is filled with radiant well-being, happiness and inner harmony.

Your WOW is many things…it is as unique are you are…most of all, it is your source of inspiration, information, expression and authenticity that makes you feel whole and complete. It is your Weaver of Wisdom, your knowing inner voice and the guiding compass of your soul.

To SHINE is to enjoy your Soul Harmony In Natural Expression. This amazing level of existence is open to all and this meet-up group is intended to offer a place for you to seek understanding, ask questions, find answers, learn empowering and transformative life-skills and new consciousness to nourish your awakening WOW and enhance your ability to SHINE.