Hearing Your Heart Sing again

Hearing Your Heart Sing again

When did you last hear your heart sing? Life moves so fast that days quickly become months and before you know it, another year has flown by. In times past, when I lived in rural Canada, I remember the days were longer, calmer and more joy-filled. Without mobile...

Do things really happen by chance? I don’t think so in this case!

Late last summer, ‘somehow’ I managed to click on a notification in Linked In. I wasn’t particularly searching for anything on that platform, in fact, I almost never check it out! HOWEVER, the random notification that popped up was promoting the opportunity for women article writers to be considered as a contributor for 12 issues of Sibella Magazine throughout 2019! 

WOW! What a brilliant opportunity!!! One snag though, the deadline for applications was in 3 hours time – yikes!

Needless to say, everything else on my to Do list got pushed aside and, well, I made the deadline and was accepted as a contributing article writer. Yippee! 

Sibella Magazine and its sister publication Sophia, are aimed as spiritually awakening wisdom seeking women who value different perspectives and can take what they need from what is on offer. I am really delighted to be involved this year and therefore will be posting each of my articles here. If you want to find out more about the magazines or subscribe to their online delivery simply click here

I hope you enjoy seeing this side of my offerings and I would love to see your comments on my Facebook Page – Awaken Your WOW