Anna-Louise Haigh

Known as ‘The Soul Whisperer’

I know you are busy, however, if you are curious to know on!


What makes my heart sing when I work with you….where shall I begin?

  • Providing the unconditional confidential space for you to be heard
  • Empowering you to reconnect with the voice of your inner wisdom
  • Seeing any confusion or uncertainty be dissolved by clarity and understanding
  • Turning what hope into happiness
  • Observing the emergence of the authentic person you were born to be
  • And most of all, after you become renewed and transformed through being infused with clarity about who you are, your gifts unlocked, your relationships harmonious, making a difference through your career choice, and have the resources to create a life of greater purpose, direction and legacy, my heart really starts to sing with I see the light behind your eyes start to shine again.

And no matter where you are starting from…. your timing is perfect and you are not alone, if you are….

  • Beginning your journey of self-discovery and awakening, or been travelling it for a while, and possibly becoming confused, overwhelmed or stuck
  • At the point trying to make sense of life’s challenges and move forward
  • Ready to reconnect with your dreams and ambitions
  • Already following your calling to work in the service of others’ well-being
  • Certain, above all, you are here to make a greater difference

When we work together you receive my fullest care and attention, a treasure chest of fresh perspectives and roadmaps, that only experience can provide, along with a gentle nudge if you need it!


The most important thing I want you to know is…I believe in you!

You may not fully believe in yourself yet, however, I know the power of self-belief underpins all aspects of who you are and the life you experience. I believe, you can move from baby-steps to blossoming with grace and ease with the right nurturing and guidance.

I am passionate about enabling, equipping and inspiring women to find fulfilment built on a solid foundation of authentic self-knowing. In doing so, my aim is to help you ‘hear your heart sing’ so you can dance in the delight of all you were born to be.

You are not alone if you have been feeling you are ready for transformation and want to create a legacy of meaning. It is time to listen to your inner voice. It is my joy to help you learn to hear its wisdom, dissolve your fears and uncertainty and walk with you for a while along your path towards lasting connection and fulfilment. What you fear you might lose may in fact bring about your liberation!


While on my way to SoultopiaTM….

I’ve been honing this ideal and my mission since I began my career in 1988 when I undertook training to follow my heart and began my career well-being and personal fulfilment fields.

In my early career days, riding the storm of being called a witch, a weirdo, losing ‘friends’ and generally being misunderstood and alienated, galvanised my determination to succeed. I attribute my success to my self-belief. This is the ‘golden nugget’ that has kept me focused, true to myself, open to new opportunities and living authentically.

Alongside running my busy private clinic, my role expanded as a senior lecturer/Principal and therapy pioneer which enabled me to train over 5000 therapists to qualification level, along with lecturing internationally. This invaluable and varied experience enabled me to work more deeply with others. It allowed me to follow my deeper calling as a messenger, mentor and teacher by creating my own signature personal and spiritual awakening programmes and courses. Along the way, I became an established author of two highly acclaimed inspirational personal/spiritual development books. Throughout the decades, my single focus has been to provide opportunities for others to awaken their wow, and I am not done yet!


What I do is who I am…

I have always known that my intuition had a reliable voice, yet it was a long time before I fully trusted it. From childhood, it has always been natural for me to ‘channel’ healing along with accurate wisdom insights.

My quest for true self-knowing began in my younger years following my parents’ divorce when I was 10, back when couples making choices about their marriage was still something of uncharted territory (particularly in rural Ontario, Canada!). The outcome left me with a myriad of confusing emotions and self-limiting beliefs reinforced by conflicting, often toxic messages about self-worth and lovability. This painfully fertile space ignited my fascination towards understanding personal psychology, what motivates behaviour and inspires action.

Always able to see the ‘bigger’ picture from a soul perspective, it wasn’t until I fully aligned myself with my inner gifts and talents in my mid 30’s that I felt I truly began to stand in the power of my self-knowing.

Traveling the path of awakening is not a race. I am a seeker and a traveller, just like you. I believe that we find the right people to empower, inspire and elevate our life at the right time. I am excited that we have found each other. As you explore my offerings, you will discover that within everything I deliver, I embrace a Soulistic approach.  This means that anything which appeals to you will nurture and empower your unique synergy of your heart, mind, body and soul.  You will discover how to celebrate who you are, ways of expressing the wisdom waiting to serve you from within and enjoy greater happiness as a result.

I have always chosen my mentors and teachers very carefully. Foremost, I need to feel we resonate and that there is a strong connection. The most life-changing was undergoing the Louise L Hay teacher training in 1997. Add to this, Soul Coaching with Denise Linn and my original therapy trainings with Ann Gillanders and Eve Taylor OBE. Seeking out the top leaders in their fields, along with my own distillation of life’s rich schooling, has enabled me to deliver clear transformative perspectives with empathy, compassion and inspiration. You will always receive a unique synergy of the best I can offer. This enables you to follow your soul’s compass and know true joy by living authentically.

And when I am not engaged with others…

I call my play-day, ‘Millionaire’s Monday’ because this is the one day of the week when the phone is off and I am out in nature, seeking out magical hidden places, usually on, by or in water, nourishing my heart and soul and keeping my inner mermaid happy! And basically, although I feel abundant in many ways, if I was a millionaire I would be doing a lot more of just that!

I hope we have a continued connection. It is an honour to share this journey with you.

Let’s connect!

If you have resonated with who I am and what I am about,

I would love to help you confidently progress on your journey, so please check out what is available on my Home page.

The time is right to 

Awakening Your WOW!