Why I believe women can transform their life through authentic soul-self synergy

Because this is how I discovered why the power of rock-solid self-belief determines our mindsets and the way life is experienced. I know that many who find comfort and connection in nature have yet to fully understand and appreciated (even love) themselves as an Empath.


Awakened and Aligned by Nature

From living in rural Ontario, Canada surrounded by raw nature, never quite fitting in and yet feeling at home amongst the rocks, water, trees and stars which illuminated late night walks to a successful career of over 3 decades offering transformative growth, I have intuitively trusted my soul to guide me confidently along a life path of challenges and celebrations from A-Zen

Stepping Stones along my Lotus Journey


Soul Choice

At just 2 months old a condition called Pyloric Stenosis nearly ended my life.

Three weeks after surgery I suddenly started to thrive.

Decades later, during a powerful meditation, I discovered it was my soul that ignited a full recovery.

The wisdom of my soul helped me understand toxic relationships, personal and spiritual psychology, plus how to rise through resilience and self-belief to become a guide and messenger for awakening and transformation.



I followed my heart and left a promising career, and recovered from burnout while studying to become Clinical Aromatherapy and Reflexology Practitioner.

Within the first decade, my clinic grew by recommendation. I became a Principal training new therapists, international  lecturer and created Daoyin Tao – a specialist therapeutic face massage.

A special highIight was leading therapists on educational trips in China and Mongolia.

It felt like going home.



A new chapter opened, literally!

The voice of my soul reclaimed its messenger.

My first book, The Soul Whisperer was published, followed by Light-filled, Loving and Wise the following year.

Relying on self-belief, trusting my experience and intuition, brought life to courses, retreats and mentoring for women seeking answers and change.

If hope or direction was lacking, healing through self-discovery and self-belief was the remedy.



Answering the growing energy of awakening among women facing new life directions and choices, the creation of Soultopia, a monthly membership community opened its arms to welcome new members.

Self-paced learning for self-creation, personal growth and spiritual awakening is the offering into which I pour lifetimes of learning, wisdom and perspectives to enable women to rise. 

Whether curious, or seeking clarity, an Empath or explorer in midlife, soul-self synergy for self-mastery awaits.


Whatever stage or phase you are at, you don’t have to figure it out on your own.

I hope we can connect and together empower the next stage of your own Lotus Journey.

I believe in YOU.